North America Noise List

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North America Noise List

North America Noise List was organized by Trinity Hall and maintained by Trinity Hall Brandon Wald. It attempts to list known acts from all over North America.

List as of 2021-09-21


Organized by Trinity Hall

Made pretty by Brandon Wald and Trinity Hall


Alabama - Balcony View, Flusnoix, Rodger Stella, Shea Stevenson

Alaska - MISANDR

Arizona and(fl- BioNightMare, Black Baptist, Butoh Sonics, Casual Alien (solo), Claustronaut, Clown Doll, The Ɔrinkles, Digressed Mind, DOLLVOID, Genital Stigmata, GHOST COYOTE, Go As DeatH, Gym Shower (formerly Igloo Martian), Lana Del Rabies, ijustsawyoudie, KJ VALIUM, Jeph Jerman, PKWST, SMOGMA, Solypsis, Xiuhcoatla

Arkansas - Bonemagic, Gospel

California - 80KV, AMFM:DEADAIR, Bastard Noise, Big City Orchestra, Black Artiodactyls, Black Candle, Black Cat, The Black Scorpio Underground, Blood of Chhinnamastika, The Cherry Point, Circuit Wound, Clotting, Conditioned, Control, Convivial Cannibal Clan, Crank Sturgeon, Crawl Of Time, Crowhurst, Das, Dendera Bloodbath, Deleteist, Die Leche, Disappearing, Enbilulugugal, Endometrium Cuntplow, FiLTHMiLK, Flesh Vomit, Forbidden Colors/E.Hernandez, garbageCAT, God Is War, The Haters, Hexpressionist, I Am Monomer, Identity Combat, Koobaatoo Asparagus, Koufar, M15H4P, Misery Ritual, Nicotine Mantis, Obsessive Discipline, Pedestrian Deposit, Pulsating Cyst, Reaper, Ritual Chair, Rubber (() Cement, Rust Worship, SMITE!, Soot, Static Goat, Striations, Subklinik, TanukiSpiderCat, Terror Cell Unit, Thoabath, Tralphaz, ...weeping, W.H.E.A.T., Witches of Malibu, xVerbicidex, Uberkunst, Xdugef, Xome

Colorado - Blank Human, Blarney Mumble, Brother Saturn, Cremedelacrvvp, Cavatus, Clark Nova, Corgi Commander, Dolor, Dead Hawk, Echo Beds, Mautam, Many Blessings, Mismo, MPW, Page 27, Sheet Metal Skingraft, Sounding, Tiny Humans, twiddletwiddletwiddle, , Wolf Larva, Zurn,

Connecticut - Avmus, .birdeater, Black Rabbit Taxi, Breathing To Death, Failure To Appear, Human Flourishing, Maneating Anteater, Lasuje, L’eclipse Nue, Nightmare Park, Parlay Droner, Sickness, Warui Yume, WEREHAUS, Squelch CT (also based in RI)

Delaware - BAHV, Pleasure Island, Bloated Subhumans (also based in PA), Commodity Fetishism (also based in PA)

Florida - Aaron’s Home, Facepalm Death, Floridian Car Bomb, Human Fluid Rot, Calnepuelco, Hell Garbage, Formaldehydra, Dylan Houser, Novasak, Pain Appendix,Two Coin, Whitey Alabastard, Vasectomy Party, Switchblixer, Planet Shithead, Meg Eliza, Jonas Van den Bossche, Bacon Grease, Unfade, Vallam, Rat Bastard, Kenny Millions, Nequam Sonitus, Slime Queen Bingo, Elsie Shiro, Funeral Guy, Pig Shrapnel, Extreme Chafing, The Glyph, Fiver’s Stereo, Heavy Metal Vomit Party, Hoggle, crustgirls, --minusminus, Dead Space Enviroment, Laundry Room Squelchers, Cabo Boing, Ironing, Hal McGee, Tomokie’s Cup, Vantage Planets, Virgin Flower, Apoc Siren, Trotsky’s Watercooler, Joy Lane, Elf Cum, The Fear Machine, Creep City, Shapes With No Names, Jiblit Dupree, Jim Death, Penny Grune-Fae, Adam Naworal, Lord Adoomus, AimsterSkitz0rz, The Vivisection, Brides, Male Model, Millennial Matter, Alien Witch, Soundalter, I Have To Keep Washing This Stupid Body Til I Die, DJ Hollowlife, Watchable Wildlife, Malignant Spears, Durastatic, Street Rat, No Face, Sloth, Fail, LOSS, Black Beast of Arrrghhhh, Oblongata, The Uh…, WAMPO, The Holloway Tape, Waste Of Tape, Beatkids, Joel Nobody, Steve Ladensack, King Louis Express, Danger Games, James Wesson, Lumen K, The Andrews, Gear Lust

Georgia - Presage, Nows, Dubb Normal, Moth Sweat, Corvid Canine, Rev Scott Stripling, Ihlyatt, wuornos, Omorashi, Soundaltar, Serrater, Grant Evans, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Ornamental Hairpin, Mr Blank

Hawaii - XZXZ

Idaho - Binding Ritual, Mutilated Circuitry, Diam Mati, Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries

Illinois - AIDS Victim, Absolute Terror Field, Awwtopsy, And I Stared Into The Blankness Of Her Eyes, Blue Movies, Culled, Rush Falknor, Itsï, Christian Mayhem, Systems/We Also Let Blood, Lwhitephosphorous, Vertonen, Chelsea Bridge, Gas Mask Horse, Angel Marcloid, No Dreams/Machismo/Sniveling, Magia Nuda/Frightened Moon, Nude Attitude, Winters In Osaka, Ruptured, Instinct Control, Panicsville, Swarm Survival/Crawling Yeast, Eric Witt, Pet Peeves History of Leather, Velvet Curtain, Hanging Lichen, Spring Break, Holy Family, Bottomed, Hate Basement, Jason Soliday, Neil Jendon, Karl Palouček, Mykel Boyd, Mother Wound, Ampyre, Lord Mute, Bloodyminded, Midwestlust, Kevin Drumm, Forest Management, Consumer., Mkot Pt, PBK, Marc Benner/Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain, First Of The Ninth, NTRLWRM, Exteezium/Stock Market Collapse/Plastic Alien/Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy/Корпорация Генитальный/DUSTER, NLFTHKSP/Libertin/Rogo Rogo, The Auditer, Hedra Rowan, H e a d a c h e, Qkcofse, FaceMites, PTAH, Leap&Lauv, Clit Splinter, HWG, Rotting Signal, besta, Obsequies, Snek Trio, Magical Mind, Tardive, Zusammenbruch, Capture & Exploit, Reek Of Divinity, Slit Suits, zoey., Vor Pilatus, suncarcass, forced into femininity, Infirmary, First Of The Ninth, Monolithic Torment, SMG, Root Cellar, Throat Cut Fucker, MPA

Indiana - Charles Shriner, Lather / Sommer Duo, Ghosts of Dead Tables, Amish Robots, Hemisaurus, Theriomorph, Gitar, Slave Matthews Band, Drone Thugs, Ellipse Elkshow, Writhe, Mannequin Cellar, Bimbo VVitch, SheetmetalGirl

Iowa - VoidDweller, Boar/Pyramid Dust, Empathic Window, Bob Bucko Jr, I like You Go Home, Heavy Gratitude, Phantasm Nocturnes, DirtAdvocate

Kansas - Contraktor, Earth Piss, Viscerum, Endless Chasm, Faint Glow, Patrick Hopewell, Twin Towers, Look Around You, Flower of Flesh and Blood, SVRFSTYLE,

Kentucky - Abandoned On Fire, NEOLIBERAL EYE CANCER, Connor Kissel, WET, Hairbrushing, Beverly Hills Supper Club, Cowabunga Lullaby, WEEK, Tim Barnes, harpy, Time Warp Space Blimp, MINEcONTROL, Equipment Pointed Ankh, Tent Girl (label/distro) Obsolete Staircases (label) Treadings, Wretched Worst, Death Cult Ritual, Robert Beatty, Three Legged Race, Hair Police,

Louisiana - Creeping, fri(G)id, Divorce Ring, Proud/Father, Coco Cruse, Herr Schmitt, Grey Economie, Angel Enertia, Edgeslayer, Otto Splotch, Empty Model, Fatplastick, Hal Lambert, Fleeting Breath

Maine - Nycterent, Nadia, Scrotal Tear, Sterile garden, Id M Theft Able

Maryland - Jeff Carey, TRNSGNDR/VHS, Twig Harper, Newagehillbilly, Comfort Link, Torch Americans, Ami Dang, Earthworm Von Doom, Saint Bubo, Pillars Of The Elves, Incomprehensible, Axebreaker

Massachusetts - Angelsbreath, Annulus, +Dog+, CHS, DDX-10, Carrion Eater, Scald Hymn, Mon.ark, Chuck Steak, Jacob Winans, Journey to the Center of the Colon, Limbs Bin, mathblaster, Pain Chain, Andrea Pensado, Rad Dawn, Scald Hymn, Victoria Shen/Evicshen, Howard Stelzer, This is Not Okay, Varmint, Viliji, Walter Wright, WJAR10PROVIDENCE, Wormhoudt, Feedback Queen,

Michigan - Bullshit Market, Patrick Harsh, Misnomr, Plagues, Sensory Deprivation, Chillona, Infectants, Ian Block, Death Dedication, LB, Hate Sermon, Estranged Flesh, Palm Hands, Ghost Dance, Red House, Lackluster, George Bell, Sid Redlin, Septum Funk, Viki, Vitriol Gauge, Dental Work, Hate Audition, Dystopian Vomit Cop, K9 Hemorrhoids, Scream Bladder, Skin Beetles, Denouement, Disenthrall, Nervous Body, Hesitant Pegging, Lidless Eye, fuckpuddles, Jade Violet, Worm Monolith, Audible XXY, Sentient Bleux

Minnesota - Body Carve, Cock ESP, Dead Actress, Disthroned Agony, Domino, Gnawed, Atrox Pestis, Juhyo, Timmy the Tapeworm/Japeworm, Nursing Death, salts, Soell, th. sutton, Watershed Group, Viator, Zombie Bite, Crepuscular, Baculum, POTR, Pain Apparatus, Leo Brochu, Strigae, Shitgod, Hyperdontia, Transitional Species, Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult, Ligature Impression, Ice Volt, A.I.M., striped boys, Anthony Amelang, Controlled Opposition, Scorcher, Shadow On Glass, Burning, River Dog, Trigger Alert, Static Wolf, RoGue Zombies, Fetid Miasma, Noel Palmateer, A Grey Mass, Dere Moans, Ghost Fetish, Tim Kaiser, Food Team, ENDIF, Ideological Dumpster Fire, mount curve, Made Flesh, Happy Fisting Funtime Hour, PostNostalgia, Necroviolence, Nüdoria, IOSIS

Mississippi - Pas moi, Blanket Swimming, NEPTR, Genesis Block

Missouri - Dear Satan, Terminal Island, Fecal Dam, Ida Rowan, Trivia Night, CPTN Uzncwz, Rubbish, Cholera, Ahriman, Dwarf Pit, Truck Stop Strangler, Ghost Ice, Janet, Scarpotes, Horse Meat, ekzak, ᚾestᛗHOMOᛞᒧᒥᑦᓯᒪᔪᖅ, Jaded Evil Lambs, Monster Sized Monster, Beauty Pageant, Dead From The Neck Up, Brain Transplant, Pile of Dead Horses, Barnyard Baptism.

Montana - Maraud, PCRV, Melted Nard Puke, Power Plant

Nebraska - CBN, Höchste, Plack Blague, Dirty Fur, Harvestmen,

Nevada - Godzilla, himukalt, Sounding

New Hampshire - Closer Bones, Dei Xhrist, Solid State Entity

New Jersey - Animals Against Humans, ASPS, Concrete Mascara, Dead Twin, File.108, Fistfuck, Frataxin, HB2300, Hook 108, KPG, P.R.O.G.R.A.M, Thomas Puopolo, Scarlet Diva, Skryer, JANCFU, Giant Enemy Cancer Cult, Norman Walter Wayne (Jon White)

New Mexico - Angelo Harmsworth, Verhalten, Ryan Dennison, Raven Chacon, Tahnzz, Milch de la Maquína, Bigawatt, Lady Uranium, Anna Mall, Pits, Death Convention Singers, Cthulha, Ermine, Analog Therapists, Trolley Problems, Steve Jansen, Grp.Txt

New York - Anal Birth, And the Maiden, Bob Bellerue, Ballerina In Blood, Beton Tage, Black Bloc, Blind Date, Bloater, Breaking The Will, Bride, Brutally Mutilated, Casas, Channel 63, Charmaine Lee, Collins Cocaine, Compactor, C. Spencer Yeh, Deceiver, Decimus, Dreamcrusher, Faggot Front, Flesh Shuddering, Form Hunter, Fucking Annoying, Gen Ken Montgomery, Girls On Fire, God Of Gaps, Halflings, Hoarding, Jackson-Pratt, J.H.K., K Keays, KHF, Kjöstad, Jen Kutler, Matt Luczak, Madame Deficit, John Mannion, Al Margolis, Martyr, Menophilia, Mister Matthews, Mouthed Wounds, Muyassar Kurdi, MV Carbon, Negation, Pas Musique, New York Review Of Cocksucking, Octonomy, Onism, Pharmakon, Pleasure Trauma, Prayer Rope, Remnants, Scant, Shredded Nerve, Shitty Haircut, Sibling, Leslie Singer, Mike Sidnam, Sparkle Bomb, Spreaders, STCLVR, Stress Orphan, Sunken Cheek, Swollen Organs, Twin Aperture, VWLS, VX Bliss, Whale Rope, Wormclogged Blisters, Yellow Tears, White Suns, Moonbeam Terror, The Zachary David Palmer

North Carolina - 80 Lb. Test, Big Ed, Bloodnote, Burial Sounds, The C&C Noise Connection, CANN”D, Cephalic Index, Eugene Chadbourne, Clang Quartet, David Colagiovanni, Dissociative Disorder, Max Eastman, Bryce Eiman, Flippin Idiots, Greathumour, GRVE, Housefire, Michael Thomas Jackson, Joules, Karl (Greasy Guy), Katznoise, Körperlich, Carl Kruger, Ty Lake, Legs/Dragged Off, Mama, Marselle, Mason, Old Lung, Paulastretch, Provisional, Murray Reams, Dr. Fritz Rotwang, Secret Boyfriend, Somantic, Spookstina, Andrea Stroud, Subterrene, Umbilical, Walls of Flesh, Horse Child Breakfast

North Dakota - Adamar, Appliancide, Black Site, Brandon Wald, BVTH, Concrete Skirt, Covered///Winter, Cyclical, Dakota Magick, Darkspell, Diet Pepsi 3, Duster, Edwin Manchester, French Trace, Geyser Brain, Haunted Panels, Hope Chest, How Vacuous, Incendiary Cult, jSTOR, Luer, Matarael, Mic Pants 2020, Nixons Pyramid, Ragk, SOELL, Star of Creation, Stud, Support Unit, Suspicion, Sword Of Kahless, Tits Mcgee, Unconditional Loathing, Violent; No Regard, Vulnerable, Wheelocks Latin, Yam Lynn, yinyinyinyinyinyinyin

Ohio - Aaron Dilloway, Decide Today, Developer, Egodriven, Envenomist, Final Machine, Flower Factory, HFN, MBD, Nasopharynx, Self Surgery, Skin Graft, Plague Mother, Slit Throats, SSS, John Wiese, Figure With Meat, Reclusa, Seneach, Sorcerer Torturer, Wasteland Jazz Unit, bobb hatt, Being, Machine Listener, Fluxmonkey, BAND, Brad Griggs, Princess Disease, Mike Shiflet, Mark Van Fleet, Quiet Pepsi, Lisa Miralia, Pat Peltier, Troy Galagher, Grimly, Grow Horns, Abhilasha, John Moloney, Valvan, China Ferarri Sex Orgy Death Crash, Meatface, Cunt Breath, Bile Worship, Jorogumo, yea fuckin no,

Oklahoma - Narco Alms, Tick Suck, Natty Gray, Campbell & Gardner, Bonemagic, Without Adjectives, Skotos Oman, The Bob Black Plague, SUN-MAD DEATH BASTARDS, violeer, Matthew Soko

Oregon - Bilious, Danshoku Dino, Crepuscular Entity, Sleeping With The Earth, Full Metal Confused, Obsidian Needles, Unexamine, Cost, Willowbrook, Obukhov, Anteinferno, Juice Machine, Baga Chati, SBTDOH, I Died, Depleted Your Cranium, Machete Yard Sale, Deadly Discs, Wet Dream Asphyxiation, Entresol, TAB IN/TAB OUT, Takeshita, Excreta Secreta, Aesthetic of Failure, Tarahumara, Hobby Knife, Hana Haruna, Modal Zork, Rust Promoter, Sponsored Trash, Zeroth, Sqri, Playboy Smooth, Luthor Maggot, nOiZepHyZiX, Chemotroph, Diaatom, Erin April Cooper, The Halloweener, Mylva Myasis, MKULTRAMEGAPHONE, The Occupant, Project Aisle, WH’WHAP, Herd William, My Burning Bush, Don’t Say Anything They Won’t See You, Don Haugen, [view], Klowd,, Impercept, Kowalski, Thomas Fang, Coach Waters, Mind Arbor, INRI, Hoodie Battle, Paraplegic Erection, Oscillation Overthruster, The Translucent Spiders, Body Shame, Soup Purse, SaintKill, Red Panda Death March, XAPCHYK, Dead Air Fresheners, Sleeping with the Earth, trashfever, Quaker Folk

Pennsylvania - Battalion Of Cloudships, Black Leather Jesus, Candy Ricotta, Cloning, Deterge, Gene Pick, Kelsey Lee, Moth Bucket, Guillermo Pizarro, Patrick Gallagher, Slow Tongued Beauty, Stroker, Tether, A Week Of Kindness, Apologist, Jason Crumer, MOYOGASH, The Binding of Fenrir, Echo Lightwave Unspeakable, Crowhurst, Laid Out In Lavender, Henry Mallard, burnt-feathers, niku daruma, Glass Spitter, Dagger, Spiteful Womb, Teuthis Galore, Bison Squad, Hallucinogenic Bulb, Ras Ün, The Gin Gimlet Deathsquad of Love, Joe Limbus, Anthony Roncolato, Slack, Steven Sherrill, Grave Blankets, Zane Kanevsky, Cop Jokes, Actual Entities, Voiceless Nasal, signature.event.context., Smog Foe, Hogra, Macronympha, hEXTERIA, Handholder, Flea Apparations, Death Panels, Stab Master Slash, Professor A, Bloated Subhumans (also based in DE), Commodity Fetishism (also based in DE), Pillow Skin, hidden mother, Salmari, Media Bias, Systematic Elimination, Winter Rose, Ania Pieroni, Red Queen, Flash of the Blade, Hideri Kanzaki, Fart Fart Poopie, Loss Of Control, angelinwhite, lochjaw, Department Work, Full Contact Audio

Rhode Island - Cooter, Øxømø, The Rectrix, Timeghost, The Vomit Arsonist, Will Mk, Viliji, Work/Death, Gyna Bootleg, Double Dragon, Power Through Will, Straight Panic, Interbrutial Crease, Sanctum of Evil

South Carolina - Shearling, Blattella, Hornetqueen, Domme Complex, Cemetery Fuck, Pissing No, Dollar Genitals, ssunfuck, Kil Gore Trout, Bazahadar, Data Corrupter, Rob America

South Dakota - Ram Ventilation, Coumadin

Tennessee - Bl_ank, Cøurtney, F-Hero, Kaontrol Kontraos, Kashi Good Friends, Grain Death, Knoll, Rurnt, Mannequin Holocaust, Meinschaft, Mental Anguish, Mindfold, Chris Phinney, Scare Conditioner, Secret Friends, Sweet Sound of Chaos, Thaw, trans*, Torschlusspanik, TWOCOPSFUCKING, Wir, working in retail,

Texas - (A)Sex, Architeuthis Dux, Filth, Computer, Dark Ashley, Dromez, Garbage Mask, Sobering, Fierce Deity, The Flesh Full Of Black Sand, Leg Market, TEF, Scathing, Steel Hook Prostheses, Termagant, Ibex, Resin Cum, Pornohelmut, Relationship Goals, Body Inflation Sequence, Bucket of Piss [Also FL based], Interior One, Breathing Problem, DFJD, N0123NOISE, Their Blood, Nihilist Obsessions, Umbral Ash, John Ingram, Money Hater, Sewer Water from the Black Sarcophagus, Korperschwache, A Fail Association, Illicit Relationship

Utah - Sonic Disorder, AODL, Interdimensional Clown Collective

Vermont - Peasant Farm, State Vector Collapse, Poverty Line, Jo Bled

Virginia - 10-56, Christopher S. Feltner, Private Vices, Sacramence, Shame, Caxir, Fake Object, Tinnitustimulus, Head Molt, RAIC (Richmond Avant Improv Collective) Tavishi, Without Mirrors, Tissa Mawartyassari, Brandon Hurtado, Jeff Hill

Washington - ACOMIP, ahafas, Ambigere, Bacillus, Blsphm, Born2Death, Condo Horro, Dead Iverson, Death Mask, Desecrator, Dirac Sea, Dosenöffner, The Earwigs, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Forrest Friends, Geißt, Glacial, Ice Orgy, Interracial Sex, Knifecream, Masturbatory Dysfunction, Nervous Corps, nthgn-oo (entheogen absconditus), noisepoetnobody, Pink Void, Primordial Wound, PTRKLLR, RN White, Spacement, Scarlet Death, SNMT, Sideshow Bob, Susitl, Tarsier Eyes, rEEk, UDSF, White Fluff, Zeffon

Washington, D.C. - Radiator Greys, Cemetery Bastard, Autoerotichrist, Jeff Surak, ViVi Vex, Incomprehensible, Aether, Spit Pile

West Virginia - Om-bot

Wisconsin - Citizen 2-13, Mommy, Rape-X, Replevin, Rosemary Malign, The Smudge, Peter J Woods, Lucky Bone, Phoned Nil Trio, Climax Denial, Loopless, Invertabit/End of Line, Eli Smith, Dan of Earth, Lucky Bone, Blessed Sacrifist, Kendra Amalie, Buzz Futt, Olivia Valenza, Amanda Schoofs, Tally Moss, All Creatures Will Make Merry, Scaroth, Nicholas Elert, Slow Owls, Mildew, Hollow Hecatomb, Temper, Nummy, Dinitrophenol, Myrrh, Bootslave, August Traeger, Irrelevant Mouth, Glass, Four Blood Moons, James Keeler/Wilt/The Leg/Amputation Theory/Hedorah/Astronomy, The Digital Jazz Man

Wyoming - Vylter


Alberta - DeathBreather, D.F.H (DownFuckingHill), Pale Red Circles, Damno Te, K.M. Toepfer, Skruntskrunt, D.N.E, Static Control, Acid Attack

British Columbia - DeadBatteries, MK9, Rusalka, The Rita, Mass Marriage, Molena, Burrow Owl, Turned Into A Girl, Worker, Griefer, Eraser, The Nausea, Whip of the UFO, Fingers of the Embalmer, M.O.T., J.S. Aurelius

Manitoba - Aston Coles, B.P., Dinosaur Dragonfly, Dogon Lock, Erik Tisu, Exterior, Gashkadin, Fresh Water Girls, Not ½, Wet Nurse, DBMIVFV,Two Line Struggle, Sirenomelia

New Brunswick - Women of the Pore, Zeit, Merlin Mortician, Acid Fax

Newfoundland and Labrador - Aaiesieux, Gabriel Piller, Sleeping Police, M. Manifeste, Lithops

Northwest Territories - Nava Luvu

Nova Scotia - Goiter, Schnauzerwelt, Panties

Nunavut -

Ontario - Cares, CRROTTING, Curd, Disleksick, Doom Tickler, DRT, Goth Girl, Hoarding, ihateyourguts, Menial Rips, Modo Koagon, Nathan Ivanco, Passion Altar, Paulabulus, Knurl, MEMORYCARDERROR, BBOMIT, Perpetual Cycle, Quivering, Rezeegtnuk, sincode, ST()MA, Steve Smith, Tuka Shahidi, White Material

Prince Edward Island -

Quebec - Copromelamanie, Noise Cobra, Ken Star, Wapstan, Taskmaster, Maussade, mes Sanglantes, Primitive Isolation Tactics, David Nadeau, TallMatt, Girl Circles

Saskatchewan - Jon Vaughn

Yukon - Skullfucker, Silence Camp


American Samoa -

Guam -

Puerto Rico - Calnepuelco, Las Sucias, Tín, Cornucopia, Shhh, Skotos Oman


Aguascalientes - Escuadrón de la Muerte

Baja California - Error Humano, Sima Negra

Baja California Sur -

Chihuahua - Wehrmacht Lombardo, Human Toilet Vendors, La Mancha Del Pecado, Neck Vs.Throat, Nun Devourers of The SS, Sleepless Space Crap

Colima - Campeche -

Coahuila - Bukkake Tech

Chiapas -

CDMX (Mexico City) - Balísticos Rutilantes, Cacophonic Joy, Le TRASH CAN, Los Heraldos Negros, Rolando Apolo, Androide, El Meteko, Loquilandia, I’m Insane, Lesser Water Boatman, Mito del Desierto, Juan José Rivas, Orutzakiloji, Sodomy From Beyond, Depravar, Nihil Doctrine, Extermination Order, LETEO

Durango - Guerrero - Guanajuato -

Hidalgo - Ruido Frotado

Jalisco - Territorio Hostil, CCOOWWSS, .RR, Sin Forma

Mexico State - Arboles Mentirosos

Michoacan -

Morelos - Jesucristo Adolescente Ltd.

Nayarit -

Nuevo Leon - DEATHTRIP

Oaxaca -

Puebla - Vulgar Disease, Prisionero 13, Pulverizer

Queretaro - Carbonized Organs

Quintana Roo - Sinaloa - San Luis Potosi - Sonora - Tabasco - Tlaxcala -

Tamaulipas - La Funcion De Repulsa (Ciudad Victoria), Nacatero

Veracruz - Yucatan - Zacatecas -