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Artist(s): Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт
Title: Not a Punk Band
Released: 2021
Genre: Noisecore, Noisegrind, Noise Punk, Raw Punk
Type: EP
Label: Skull Dungeon
Eatherly Records
Format: Files - wav
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Not a Punk Band is thirteenth EP of Russian noisecore band Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт. Released by Skull Dungeon in 2021. Also released by Eatherly Records on CDr.

Track list

01. Ленин-самотык
02. Советская милиция
03. 666 км
04. 666 км (Noise Punk Version)
05. Прорубоно / Червие
06. Advokat (Satan Panonski Cover)
07. Полон дом говна (Кузя УО и Христосы на паперти Cover)
08. Винни Пух (Сибирский Мастурбатор Cover)
09. Бюстик (Хуй Забей Cover)
10. Pottery’s Gay (Anal Cunt Cover)
11. Treblinka / Birkenau / Chelmno / Sobibor / Belzec / Majdanek / Aushwitz (2 Minuta Dreka Cover)
12. Карлсон (Сибирский Мастурбатор Cover)
13. КПЗ (Свинокоп Cover)
14. Сучка (О.М.О.Н. Cover)
15. Онанизм (Адаптация Cover)
16. Cherries Have Ripened in Uncle Vanya’s Garden (Fast and Noisy Cover Version)
17. Ворона, Собака, Лягушка, Кошка (Химера Cover)
18. Людоед (О.М.О.Н. Cover)
19. Чип и Дейл спешат на помощь! (Карданный Вал Cover)
20. Unreleased demo track from 2019

Video clips

Review by Lorenzo Magni (Skull Dungeon)

Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт is already a big name in the noise / grind / punk scene. There have been many splits with other valid contemporary bands such as Mal Aliento, Steven Seagal, Vitimas Do Crack, Changoz, Drochills etc. and also with two pillars like Agathocles and Psycho Sin. I am very honored with the title of this EP: it is a tribute to Enbilulugugal, a group in which I played for several years. Basically the EP is a kind of collection of tracks recorded between 2019 and 2021 including many covers. The genre of the project is very particular and I have always liked it a lot: the voice is ruthless and bad (it seems almost black metal), the instrumental part is much more rooted in 80's hardcore punk, obviously with a nice addition of noise haha . Many tracks on this EP show the more "punk" side and I find it perfectly fitting to talk about "noise punk" instead of noisecore. Thanks to Major Fuck Off for the "loyalty" to my label despite the various messes that have led many people to hate it haha. But maybe this is precisely the meaning of punk?



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