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Artist Album Format Catalog Year
Pulsating Cyst Live At Synchronicity Space (CDr, Ltd, Sli)‎ OR00 2010
XDUGEF X CDr OR01 2011
RUBBISH Bombs For Food ‎(CDr) OR02 2011
Don Haugen Angels With Black Wings ‎(CDr) OR03 2011
Josh Lay / Crown Of Bone This Is A Tourniquet Of The Light, The Black Obituary. ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) OR04 2012
XDUGEF Integrated Circuit CDr OR05 2012
Merzbow / ACTUARY Freak Hallucinations ‎(LP, Album, Smo) OR07 2012
Puritan Sword Discography ‎(CDr, Album) OR08 2012
Wilt / Crown Of Bone Neurosis Of Enthrallment ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) OR09 2013
Droughter Skin Gentleman’s Club ‎(CDr, Album) OR10 2012
Xtul In The Memory Of A Rose No One Had Ever Seen A Gardener Die ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) OR11 2012
Positive Adjustments In The Name Of Religion (CDr, Album) OR12 2012
Pulsating Cyst Horrible Signal (7", EP, Glo) OR13 2012
endometrium cuntplow Eclipse Blindness ‎(CDr, Album) OR14 2012
Regosphere / The Vomit Arsonist Regosphere / The Vomit Arsonist Split 7" OR15 2013
To the lovers, farewell Banister To The Throne Room ‎(CDr, Album) OR16 2013
Circuit Wound Patience Wears Thin ‎(CDr, Album) OR17 2012
Tasuketekun Electrical Lessons ‎(CDr, Album) OR18 2013
Bifurcated Cithara Orcin* Stanchenzza ‎(CD, Album) OR19 2013
Tenebrious / Crown Of Bone Epitaph Crusted Black / Indiana Blackened Noise (CDr, Album) OR20 2012
Grodock CD 2 - Verwerfungen ‎(CD, Album) OR21 2013
Angel Marcloid Year Of the Dragon Volume 4 ‎(c30) OR22 2016
Pulsating Cyst LIVEFORMS ‎(CDr) OR23 2013
Halalnihil Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág ‎(CDr, EP, Ltd) OR25 2013
Sky Burial Pas The Sarvering Gallack Seas And Flaming Nebyul Eye (CD, Album, Dig) OR27 2013
Dread Sendingur ‎(CDr, Album) OR28 2013
Dread Sendingur ‎(Cass, Album) OR28 2013
Morten Rasz Void Chimes ‎(CDr, Album) OR29 2013
Human As Disease 10,000 Volcanoes (CD) OR30 2013
Wilt / En Nihil Psychic Constellation ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) OR31 2013
Crown Of Bone / Steel Hook Prostheses Crown Of Bone / Steel Hook Prostheses ‎(CD, Album) OR32 2013
Various LA Dissonance Party ‎(CDr) OR33 2013
Pulsating Cyst LIVEFORMS II (CDr) OR36 2014
Black Artiodactyls INIT ‎(CDr) OR37 2014
Pulsating Cyst Cranial Stimulation‎ (Bizcard) OR38 2014
Pulsating Cyst Death By Teleportation (Tape) OR39 2014
Pulsating Cyst Preflight Check (CDr) OR41 2013
Sterile Garden MIASMA ‎(Tape) OR42 2015
XDUGEF All The Sounds In My Head ‎(File, WAV, Comp) OR43 2015
Pulsating Cyst Space Invader ‎(CDr) OR44 2015
Black Paint On Canvas Postmodernist Painting Clinic (CDr) OR45 2015
Botched Facelift Botched Facelift ‎(c30) OR46 2016
Youko Heidy MAMBO ‎(c30) OR47 2016
Various International Noise Tape Boxset (14xc30) INTB1 2016
XDUGEF Dirt Tronic ‎(bandcamp) or50bc 6/1/2017
XDUGEF STENCIL(uk) (CDr) tbd 2016
XDUGEF Noise Lottery (MP3) or63 4/1/2019


Botched Facelift

Morten Rasz


Pulsating Cyst

Big City Orchestra

To The Lovers Farewell

En Nihil

Endometrium Cuntplow

Sky Burial