Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler)

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Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler) is a free downloadable album released by Bloody Spoons Netlabel in April 2016 featuring eighteen tracks by five different artists plus a "mystery" interlude.

Our Kingdom Ministry.jpg

Track Listing:

01 - China Pig "What the Fuck? Fudgem"
02 - Send In The Idiots "Franco Nero's Space Jesus LOLZ"
03 - Send In The Idiots "Mud Spelt Backwards Is Happy"
04 - China Pig "Casual Blasphemy (Beeching Is God)"
05 - interlude
06 - China Pig "Silver Apples Up Your Bum"
07 - The Happiness Patrol "Jewish Bacon With a Side Order of Islamic Sodomy"
08 - Send In The Idiots "Unexplained Bacon"
09 - China Pig "Let Them Eat Pasolini"
10 - Send In The Idiots "Life Unfolds Wherever You Are (Edit)"
11 - The Happiness Patrol "The World Ends With A Whimper, Not A Bang (Original Soundcloud Mix)"
12 - Send In The Idiots "Estimate Weight Of Eunuch"
13 - Send In The Idiots "No True Scotsman Much?"
14 - District Convention Dogshit Overseer "untitled"
15 - The Happiness Patrol "Boots Boots Cadbury's Boots"
16 - China Pig Pro "Idole"
17 - Send In The Idiots "No Sausage"
18 - Send In The Idiots "Billy Bunter's Beaver Hat"
19 - The Happiness Patrol "7x3-6+6"

Track Details:

Tracks 1 and 9 are from the EP "Let Them Eat Pork" (Free Download)
Tracks 2 and 3 are from the EP "At the BBC" (Free Download)
Tracks 4 and 6 are from the EP "Shut Up Grammatic Oil!" (Free Download)
Track 5 only available on this release.
Tracks 7, 15 and an alternative mix of 11 are from "Messing With Bob's O.C.D" (Free Download)
Tracks 8 and 18 are from the EP "A Fine Collection of London Hats" Free Download
Track 11 originally a Soundcloud exclusive (Free Download)
Tracks 12 & 13 are from the EP "Mmm Naked Librarian" (Free Download)
Track 14 is from the EP "1: The Still Shite, Pointless and Ignorable Expanded Edition" (Free Download)
Track 16 and the original edit of 10 are from the EP "Life Unfolds Wherever You Are" (Free Download)
Track 17 is from the EP "RaQeT" (Free Download)
Track 19 is from the EPs "Curing Mental Spasticity" (Free Download) and "...After Hymnen" (Free Download)