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peopleareloudmovers in studio. courtesy of artist, circa 2007.

peopleareloudmovers is an independent electronic music project from Jamestown, New York. The elusive musician has been harnessing noise in the 716 area for a decade with a significant jazz, orchestral, break-beat and musique concrète influence. Known to few as "The Professor of Noise".


He grew up in Jamestown and is a 2005 graduate of Jamestown High School. He went on to study Media Arts with specialties in Graphic Design and Music Production at Jamestown Community College, earning three Collegiate Awards for Artistic Excellence. He has previously performed live, playing bass guitar with other music projects ranging from jazz and classic rock to experimental hardcore, and is currently touring as peopleareloudmovers.


peopleareloudmovers is known to differ from album to album. Previous sounds include avant-garde noisescapes, analogue distortion and circuitry alteration. Newer material is focused on microsound, glitch, drum and bass, minimal and melodic noise.


Korg R3 Synthesizer & Vocoder, Roland SP-808EX e-mix studio workstation, Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine for live beat sequencing, Korg Kaoss Pad [KP3] for effects and sample control, Blue Yamaha BBG5 five-string bass, circuit-bent Herald Electronics RA-88A stereo mixer.



Past self-released ep's include : "Liberate the Marionette" 2001

"A Cathexis Catastrophe Soundtrack" 2005

"Propaganda is Societies' Deadliest Weapon" 2006

"Subconscious Acousticophobia" 2007

"Audio Exorcism" 2008

"In the Name of Fear" 2010

Track examples

As the individuals responsible for do not deem peopleareloudmovers to be noise, you can hear peopleareloudmovers and decide for yourself.

Tracks from "Propaganda is..." 1. Pretty Noises Exist Without Causes 2. Primeval Screams

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The name peopleareloudmovers is permanently only one word and lowercase.