Prospekt Bol'shevikov

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Prospekt Bol'shevikov (Проспект Большевиков) is Russian noise/harsh noise/power electronics project.

Prospekt Bol'shevikov logo

Harsh noise/PE project "Prospekt Bol'shevikov" was founded in April 2016 by Alexander Maltsev and for now it has about 8 live performances. Each concert accompanied by serious damages and destruction of metal rubbish. First time there was used distorted analog synth with radio noises and metal junks in the project, but later all the gear was replaced by pedals. Most of my releases were published on Wall Noise Action, an independent russian netlabel.



  • 2017 - Live At Nizhnekamsk 20.06.17
  • 2017 - Мерзость
  • 2017 - Teeth Noise Wall