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Sack Of Bugs (CDr, Mini) Synthnoise 2002
Sack Of Bugs (CDr, RE) Synthnoise 2002
Polyakov (CDr) Synthnoise 2003
Different Waves (File, MP3) Blossoming Noise 2004
Drunken Goblins (Cass) Swampland 2004
Golden Cancer Aches (CDr) House Of Lies Recordings 2004
Lung (CDr) Synthnoise 2004
Machine Walls (CDr) Synthnoise 2004
Split (CDr, Ltd) Blossoming Noise 2004
Split (CDr) Stammer Tapes 2004
Vent (CDr) Stop/Eject 2004
Blood Voltage (CDr, Ltd) Swampland 2005
Collisions (CDr, Mini, Ltd) Chondritic Sound 2005
Exo (CDr, Ltd) Morbid Tapes 2005
Golden Cancer Aches (CDr) Not On Label 2005
Live @ Diva 3/19/05 (CDr) Obscurica 2005
Mountain (CDr) Audiobot 2005
Pleistocene (CDr) Not On Label 2005
Scum (File, MP3) TIBProd. 2005
2006.1.12 (CDr) Not On Label 2006
@ The Asia, Portland, Oregon 2005.12.17 (CDr, Mini, VCD) Not On Label 2006
Complainer (CDr) Knife In The Toaster 2006
Fall (Cass, Ltd) rundownsun 2006
Magma (CDr) Snip-Snip Records 2006
Outpost (CDr) Snip-Snip Records 2006
Planetary Torture (CDr) Housepig 2006
Ramped (2xCDr) Audiobot 2006
Split (CDr, Ltd) Not On Label 2006
Split (2xCDr, Mini, Ltd) DumpsterScore 2006
Split (Cass, Ltd, C30) Cherried-Out Merch 2006
spokE (CDr, Mini, Ltd) emr 2006
Untitled (CDr) Collective Jyrk 2006
3 Elements (CDr, Mini) Not On Label 2007
Compounded (Cass, C16) Vile Bile 2007
Creeping Obesity (CDr, Mini, Ltd) Chondritic Sound 2007
Crest (Cass, C10) Cloud Valley 2007
Deadly Space Missions (CDr) 8mm Records 2007
Drunken Astronaut (Cass, Ltd, C26) Abhorrent A.D. 2007
Gloden Cancer Aches (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Lung (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Meditative Music (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Pause (Cass, S/Sided) Barfing Dagger Re-Recordings 2007
Pleistocene (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Polyakov (CDr) Not On Label 2007
Progression To Desolation (LP, Ltd) Black Horizons 2007
Split (Cass, Ltd, C28) Swampland 2007
Split (Cass) Black Horizons 2007
Violent Cosmos (CDr, Ltd) Organic Pipeline 2007
Compilation Submission Collection (CDr) Not On Label 2008
Meditative Music 2 (CDr) Not On Label 2008
Nakamichi (2xCDr, Ltd) Gameboy Records 2008
Unearthly (Cass, Ltd) Tape Tektoniks 2008
Appears On:
Toasted Victims (CDr) Zombie Heroin Obscurica 2006
Box Set (11xCDr, Ltd) Zombie Heroin Burnt Sound Offerings 2008
Tracks Appear On:
All I Want For X-mas Is Bowel Disrupting Noise (CDr) Merry Gentlemen Stop/Eject 2004
Catz-En-Jammer (CD 2) (CDr) Solitude TIBProd. 2005
ENF05/D1 (CDr) ENF05/D1 Obscurica 2005
Eugene Noise Fest 05 (CDr) Live KWVA 2005-3-19 (E... Human Monster 2005
None Thus Far (2xCDr, Ltd) Break Orbit Barfing Dagger Re-Recordings 2005
Drone Season I - The Drone Season Is Open (CDr) Desert Winds Brise-Cul Records 2006
Eugene Noise Fest 06 (2xCDr) Electronic Harassment Human Monster 2006
Freedom Noise: Kelso Noise BBQ 2006 Comp Action (CDr) Handjob Barfing Dagger Re-Recordings 2006
No Noise Is Good Noise (CD, Comp) Scales Noise Machine 2006
Portland (3xLP, Ltd) Untitled RRRecords 2006
Valley Of Sickness (Sounds Of Infection And Irritation From The Willamette Basin) (CDr) Heal Obscurica 2006
Doctor Who vs. The Noise (CDr, Ltd) Doctor Who Theme Song,... The Institute For Organic Conversations 2007
Eugene Noise Fest 07 (CDr) Pretty OK Human Monster 2007
Orthopedics (CDr) Oh My Fucking Gosh Iatrogenesis Records 2007
Sonic Couture 2007 (CDr) Cub (Edit) Below PDX 2007