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RDC is an audio/visual artist based is Montreal, Canada. Active since 2007, RDC explores a wide array of sonic dissonances in his live performances, recordings, and artwork. Harsh Noise, Drone, Free Improv, Circuit Bending, Power Electronics are all influences and have shown up on various releases.

Originally from Calgary, RDC co-founded and organized Discord from 2007-2009, a monthly live show taking place at Emmedia gallery & production society, which has continued under the stewardship of fellow noise artists Earhate & Bomber. RDC has performed in cities across Canada, including: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto & Ottawa.


"Tainted Corrosive Mist/RDC split #2 - C-60, label unknown

"Mechanical Skies" - C-5, ltd. edition tour press UWS-003

"100% Alberta Beef - RDC/Acid Attack split" - C-30, UWS-002

"RDC/Tainted Corrosive Mist" - C-50, UWS-001

Earhate/RDC split - C-45, ptrdc-007

As it Was - C-45, ptrdc-006

Entropic - mcdr, ptrdc-005

Nihilism Noise comp - cdr, Total Vomit Records

Memory Fails Me - bizcard, ptrdc-004

To Your Ears, With Love... - mcdr, ptrdc-003

2012 - RDC / Garma split - C-10, ptrdc-002

Laughing Season - bizcard, ptrdc-001

Other Projects:

    • Think Don't Pray / Mass Grave split - 7" record Mangled Ankle Records
    • Think Don't Pray / Kursk split - 7" record self-released

.** RDC played guitar in grindcore band Think Don't Pray from 2005-2007