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RIP_, 2006 logo.

RIP_ is an one-man band from Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The "band" was born in the year 2003 begginings but with the name of HEREKTA, difoundig its music in floppy disks and doing IDM and Cybergrind songs parodying Death Metal, Black Metal and Electronic music bands with the hypothesis that any kind of Metal can be recreated by ordinary computers, but quickly the lei motiv changed to just let it sound, using music as a catharsis. With the acceptation of ChevallierS´s friends and other people (some Arcan Metal bands frontmen) the band produced and distributed more songs on cassettes and CDs, but ChevalierS was not agree with them. Year 2004 was quite an empty year for the project, and it had to sease activities until 2005. Later, at the gates of 2006 the project changed it's name to RIP_ and acquired it´s classical "Black & White" image and Pixel´s fashion. 2006 became a prosper year for RIP_ and more songs were developed, new tunes and instruments were created and used by the only band member and 2005 songs also were remastered in priority of a better sound (later the first 2003 period song were remastered too).


RIP_ can be described as a band without a certain style, because of it improvised and expressive compositions, but basically the roots and the characteristic sound of the band goes between Cybergrind, Folk Noir and Industrial. In the most of the songs the two first styles are ever present in the chords and in the deep vocals in old languajes as Latin, Hebrew, Yiddish and Old English.

In the begging of 2007 ChevallierS decided to go back to the original roots of the band, doing more Middle Eastern styled songs, in the style of Klezmer Jewish music tuned as shit. May be RIP_ is the first Kosher Grind-NOISE projec in the Americas. In addition it's in research if RIP_ is the first Argentine cybergrinder/noisegrinder band.

Recently the band featured in an 8 ways split, editing their second published Grindcore Opera, a genre stablished by the band in 2005 with the unreleased "ODA" and first published with the edition of "FISTS UP AGAINST MODERN SOCIETY" (2007). That so-called subgenre of Grindcore music is explained by the band in the 8 ways split as: a genre coined by the band to describe a work that it's emphasized in one theme and follows a history with one or more characters that sings themselves the lines, all this in a NoiseGrind way.


Almost anythig was useful for making sounds, the very first songs were recorded and edited using only the Windows Sounds Recorder and the instruments were just a Yamaha SHS-10, sometimes a classic guitar home-made-electro-acustic with it's respective distortion and as drums the drumset of a Casio SA-8 mini keyboard, diverse computer and HTML based drum programs and also hits against a table. After that, the edition and the drums were almost ever performed with FL Studio 4, but sometimes the old tools where used again plus the SHS-10 drums and a Commodore64 based drummachine, the guitar was replaced with a real electric guitar after the complete destruction of the original one's headstock, and the two old toy-ish keyboards rebirth with the magic of computers and bending.
Within these a wide gamma of instrumets are played, like: harmonicas, flutes, radios, boxes, homemade string instruments, tools, pipes, motors of cars and other machines, books, fire, air and anything recordable (or not). But the most important instrumet ever is the voice, doing different voices (two voices sounds in almost all songs), clear, deep, grunts, snarls, low gurgles and even woman voice or just "sounds".


  • The correct spelling for RIP_ goes with the final underscore.
  • RIP_'s logo was made in a ZX Spectrum.
  • The band's name is also an abbreviation for "Riht Is Pínung", from Old English: "The Right Is Torture".


  • Necrosis es... (2003) Floppy disk.
  • De Aquí Hacia Allah (2003) Unreleased.
  • Bizarro (the worst of...) (2004) Free CD-R.
  • Solo Para Vane (2006) Only one copy.
  • Riht Is Pínung (2007).
  • Riht Is Pínung - BIY Edition (2007) Downloadable.
  • FISTS UP AGAINST MODERN SOCIETY (2007) Double, the first Grindcore Opera.

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