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Renset is a professional musician and sound artist who uses exploratory and experimental techniques to weave together aural textures. He frequently employ electronics, self-made equipment, and field recordings to create his electroacoustic tracks. From rhythmic syncopations to complex noisescapes, He explores the potentials of audio processing to deliver a creative and unique sonic experience.

Having spent several years in Berlin, Germany, he is now living and working in Portland, Oregon. Renset is often open to collaborative work, especially with visual artist.


  • First Thursday with Vilèm, 2011 fotoeffect. Portland, OR
  • Open Tables, Hall of Records, 2011 (regular performer), Portland, OR
  • Le Placard Headphone Festival, 2010 Berlin Blitz, NK, Berlin
  • Amsterdam Underkurrent, 2010 Lichtblick Kino, Berlin
  • Performance of John Richard's I Love You for Sudophone, 2010 UdK Berlin
  • Supersonic Halloween Party (Organizer and DJ), 2009 Supersonic, Berlin
  • Doing the Gooey, 2009, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin


Portland Eclectic Music Society, 2011 to present


  • Renset, Parhelia, 2011
  • Tromboscillator Sessions, Hilary Jeffery and Renset, 2010
  • Renset, Spätlese, 2010
  • Pixelfab Studios, Demo Reel, 2010
  • Pixelfab Studios, Bumper Ad, 2010
  • Field Recordings with Teresa Foley, 2010 Locally Toned
  • Studio synth recordings for Venezuelan musician Tomas Avila, 2009, Trixx Studios

Instrument Building

Renset builds and alters musical devices and often employs them in live sets. Some of the devices he has built or altered include: APC, Solid State Passive Mixer, Induction Coil, CD Assemblage Dual Oscillator, Dirty Electronics Skull Etching, Stutter Box, Modified Cassette Player, Sound Attacker, Razor Oscillator, Duck in Stereo, Control Switch for Effect Pedals, Korg Poly-800 Analog Synthesizer, Accordion Bass Mechanism, Cassette Distortion

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