Rocket Launcher EP (2011)

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Rocket Launcher Ep.jpg


Flip 0:02

XSide BetX 0:03

Why Do You Have Red Hair 0:05

Guys Who Growl Songtitles At Concerts Suck 0:04

Gamba Osaka 0:03

Airin' 0:02

I'd Rather Listen To Noise All My Life Than To 1 Crappy Metal Record 0:01

5 Bucks For Noise 0:02

Neighborhood Climate Change 0:02

Just Take A Shot 0:04

Cruising Fags 0:07

Punch That Goaty 0:03

Il Posto Non Fumatori 0:04

Live(r) Problems 0:02

ふん!!!! 0:02

People Getting Rich As Fuck For Making Youtube Videos, Selling Their Shit On Their Channel And Iphone Apps 0:04

Scientology Noise Disapprover 0:03

Tetrahydrocanabinol 0:04