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Roman Sidorov
Roman Sidorov.jpg
Real name:
Country: Russia
Own Labels:

Main projects: Staruha Mha Side projects: One-time projects: Collaboration projects:

In groups: Der Golem, Sedative, Fatal, Bardcore
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Roman Sidorov is dark ambient/post rock/post punk musician. He is author of Dark Ambient project Staruha Mha. Also he was member of groups Bardcore, Der Golem, Fatal, Sedative. Roman Sidorov committed suicide September 20, 2003 (hanged himself).

Projects and groups

  • Staruha Mha — Dark Ambient
  • Bardcore — Avantgard Bard Songs/Parody
  • Fatal — Depressive Post Punk
  • Der Golem — Suicidal Drone Ambient/Post Punk/Darkwave
  • Sedativ — Depressive Post Rock/Darkwave/Post Punk