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SMG is an underground grindcore/ noise-grind band from Shah Alam, Malaysia. They have been around since 1995 and sharing stages with bands like Shocked (Malaysia first mincecore band), Parkinson, Cluster Bomb Unit and many others. First known as Opprobrium Adornment (2 demos, 1 split tape, 15 live shows) and changed their name to Self Made God in 2001 due to major line-up change. SMG is still active until now with more records/ tapes/ etc. soon to be released. Musically they mix many type of underground sound (from dirty raw punk to short-sharp blurry noise-grind) as they don't limit their musical influence to few specific styles, depending on releases but old-school grindcore always be the band's backbone. SMG is a socio-political grindcore band but sometimes, lyrically they went to a more direct, nihilistic and also "brainless" type of laid-back, un-serious fun lyrics.

site : http://www.myspace.com/smgrinder
mail: smgrinder@yahoo.com

SMG discography (incomplete)

full release
SMG - demo:lition 666 - demo tape (DIY) 100 copies
SMG - incurable infestation/demo:lition 666 + live - CD-R (DIY) 50 copies
SMG - bloobath across BP - LIVE 3 x 3.5" floppy disk (Blurrrcore Foundation) 30 copies
SMG - Australian Collection Tape - tape (Idget Child) 100 copies
SMG - garbage recycling art - 5"EP (Blurrrcore Foundation) 28 copies
SMG - Sacrificed upon the altar - CD-R/ 3"CD-R (LL Tapes) 100 copies
SMG - wicked raw tormentor - one-sided 7"EP (DIY)

split release
SMG/ Verge On Reason - split tape (Uglysmokers Tapes) 100 tape / 50 CD-R
SMG/ Anal Massaker - split tape (LL Tapes) 99 copies' + 11 free promo tape
SMG/ Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - split tape (LL Tapes) 200 copies
SMG/ Gorgonized Dorks - split tape (LL Tapes) 30 copies
SMG/ Excreted Alive - split tape (LL Tapes) 200 copies
SMG/ Pulsating Saliva - split 3"CD-R (Blurrrcore Foundation) 30 copies
SMG/ Fight Back/ Proletar/ Mr. Grind - split tape (DIY)
SMG/ Nuclear Dawn/ Baka Yaro/ Abrade - split tape (DIY)
SMG/ Kerena Neko/ Parkinson - split CD (Broken Noise/ Cactus/ etc.) 1000 copies
SMG/ Torturing Nurse - split CD-R (LL Tapes + China reissue in 2008) 30 copies/ 100 copies
SMG/ Speculum - split tape (LL Tapes) 100 copies
SMG/ Sakatat - split tape (LL Tapes) 100 copies
SMG/ Swasticarcass - split tape (LL Tapes) 100 copies
SMG/ Sete Star Sept - Split CD-R (Satire Records) 200 copies
SMG/ Mass Separation - split tape (Strain Eyes Productions - tape version) 200 copies
SMG/ Mass Separation - split 7"EP (Nihilus/ Deep One/ etc.) 400 copies
SMG/ Agathocles - split 7"EP (To Live A Lie/ Bullshit Propaganda/ Pile of Bile) 500 copies
SMG/ Archagathus - split 7"EP (Nihilus/ Deep One/ Raw Noise) 500 copies
SMG/ Sloth - split 7"EP (Shifty Records/ MCAL) 200 copies
SMG/ Rose Iwanaga - split 3" CD-R (RSD) 30 copies
SMG/ Vex/ JCVD - 3-way split CD (Whatcore Records)
SMG/ Violent Gorge/ Homicide - split tape (Zombie Fetus Tapes/ Aggressive Valley)
SMG/ Iron Butter - split tape (LL Tapes/ RSD) 100 copies
SMG/ CSMD - split tape (LL Tapes/ RSD) 100 copies
SMG/ Thought - split CD-R (Thought) 200 copies
SMG/ Hentai Hardcore - split CD-R (DIY)

va - To Live A Lie Records - three year sampler CD
va - An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault vol. 2 CD
va - Blast From The East vol. 3 CD
va - O-Neg compilation CD-R
va - Grindcore Massacre tape
va - Violent Attack Vol. 1 CD-R
va - Extreme Assault 2005 CD-R
va - South East Asian Compilation CD-R
va - Our Music, Our Lives, So Fuck Off CD
va - I Cant' Believe It's Not Grindcore!!! Vol. 2
Verge On Reason - Malaysian Tour 2 x DVD (feat. SMG live video)
va - In Grind We Crust - DIY NOIZE! 2 x CD-R Compilation
+ many more DIY compilation to mention

LL TAPES (Lokomotiv Leipzig Tapes) is a now defunct underground tape label once run by SMG drummer. The name was taken from a German footbal club, suitable strange name for the label and as appreciation to the early but obscure German noise-grind scene. Inspired by the 90's noise-grind tape label, LL TAPES had released 16 tapes (incld. few CD-Rs) by total undergound noise-grind to lo-fi sludge/ doom metal bands like 57 Pestilence, Anal Massaker, Pulsating Saliva, etc.

RSD (Razor Sharp Daggers) is an active tape label run by SMG vocalist producing tapes by SMG and less-known hardcore punk to noise-grind bands in total D.I.Y. spirit. All releases only available on professionally pressed tape, no dubbed tape.

BLURRRCORE FOUNDATION is a crazy label run by ex-SMG guitarist focusing on releasing a more "experimental" SMG stuff in limited quantities, just for fun and for true supporters/ maniacs. One good example is the hard to find SMG / Pulsating Saliva - split 3"CD-R (SMG playing strange, lo-fi doom metal with sloppy punk-ish vocals highly inspired by Ohio's own Sloth) and ultra-limited SMG one-sided 7"EP.