Secular Pineapple

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Secular Pineapple


Experimental imprint of the Atomic Mouse Recordings label focusing on noise, electronic, field recordings, and other experimental music.


 SP000  X-Bax 
        Lijken (2012)
 SP002  iGod 
        Google Search & Destroy (2007)
 SP003  X-Bax
 	Dronetime (2007)
 SP004  iGod & Kenji Siratori
 	Corpse City (2008)
 SP005  Cheap Flight Into Egypt
 	Reading The Rosetta Stone (2010)
 SP006  iGod
 	iPocalypse Now (2013)
 SP007  X-Bax
 	60 Cycle Hum (2013)
 SP008  X-Bax (2014)
 	Merry X-Bax (3" vinyl)
 SP009  X-Bax
 	The Sum Of All E (2014)
 SP010  Diorama
 SP011  X-Bax
 	New Drone Fades (2015)
 SP012  X-Bax
 	Box (6XCD) (2015)
 SP013  X-Bax
 	Ali Baba (7" vinyl) (2015)
 SP015  X-Bax
 	Philturd (2XCD) (2015)

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PO Box 1138, Hollywood CA 90078