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(Archive Series Releases)
(A Couple of Links)
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We're on [https://sendintheeidiots.bandcamp.com/music Bandcamp]<br>
We're on [https://sendintheeidiots.bandcamp.com/music Bandcamp]<br>
This is our [http://sendintheeidiots.blogspot.com new blog]
This is our [http://sendintheeidiots.blogspot.com new blog]<br>
Our [https://www.discogs.com/label/1077188-Send-In-Thee-Idiots Discogs]
== Contact Us ==
== Contact Us ==

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Short Biography

Send In Thee Idiots are the new project by the folks behind the now dead and defunct The Happiness Patrol project.

Send In Thee Idiots is a band, a label, a net label and in the future possibly other things.


2016 SITI 01 3CDR - Send In Thee Idiots "Sometimes You Arm Yourself" (3" CD-R or download) OUT SOON

Archive Series Releases

2014 - 150.png 2014-2015-150.jpg 2015-2016-150.png

2016 SITI ARC 01 CDR - China Pig "2014" (CD-R available now from our Bandcamp)
2016 SITI ARC 02 CDR - Send In The Idiots "September 2014 - July 2015" (CD-R available now from our Bandcamp)
2016 SITI ARC 03 CDR - Send In The Idiots "August 2015 - April 2016" (CD-R - link soon)

A Couple of Links

We're on Bandcamp
This is our new blog
Our Discogs

Contact Us

For the moment you can still contact us here:


Friends and Fellow Country Men

Brother Whitehair and His Paedophile Ministerial Servant
(inaudible) Pervert