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We're on [https://sendintheeidiots.bandcamp.com/music Bandcamp]<br>
We're on [https://sendintheeidiots.bandcamp.com/music Bandcamp]<br>
This is our [http://sendintheeidiots.blogspot.com new blog]<br>
This is our [http://sendintheeidiots.blogspot.com blog] (no longer music related)<br>
Our [https://www.discogs.com/label/1077188-Send-In-Thee-Idiots Discogs]
Our [https://www.discogs.com/label/1077188-Send-In-Thee-Idiots Discogs]

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About Us

Now known as Pavlov's Dog's Dinner.


If no label is listed item is self released.

Listed CD-R editions are available from us by trade or Paypal or in person.

Unless otherwise stated on packaging or download page all Send In Thee Idiots material is provided free of both copyright and warranty. You are free to re-upload, re-mix and re-release our material in as you see fit. We don't care.

Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay 150.jpg Theinternetcannowhavestarsoverlords150.png Midwinter150.png 7x3-6+6=150.jpg

2017 SITI 04 DL - (Inaudible) Pervert "Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay" (Free Download EP from Archive.org)
2017 SITI 05 ARC DL - "Archive Shit From a Wonky Cassette (approx 2004 - 2009)" (free download DELETED)
2017 SITI 07 DL - "7x3-6+6 (3 Passes)" (free download DELETED)


2014 - 150.png 2014-2015-150.jpg 2015-2016-150.png

2016 SITI ARC 01 DL - China Pig "2014" (free download DELETED)
2016 SITI ARC 02 DL - Send In The Idiots "September 2014 - July 2015" (free download DELETED)
2016 SITI ARC 03 DL - Send In The Idiots "August 2015 - April 2016" (free download DELETED)


We're on Bandcamp
This is our blog (no longer music related)
Our Discogs

Contact Us

For the moment you can still contact us here:


Friends and Fellow Country Men

(Inaudible) Pervert
China Pig
Send In The Idiots