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Sir Edgar Carpenter is an active noise/experimental musician from Mexico City, working since 2008. Influenced in The Beatles's "Revolution 9", Edgar is known in the internet for his continuing noise and experimental releases, including a series of albums dedicated to animated TV shows (Killing Cartoon Society's Saga), and protest albums. He runs Scriptsound Recordings's netlabel since 2010.

He belongs to the Ruido Latino's comunnity, and he's already known as one of the most important experimental projects from Mexico, and Latin America.



  • Rage
  • Sir & Lord (collaboration with LordByronIsMyLord)(released also as CDr)
  • Broflovski's Killers: A Noise Tribute To South Park (K.C.S. Volume 1)
  • Appeared on "Noise Varieties" compilation by FFM Records
  • He's Sixteen, He's Alive & He's Live!
  • Glass
  • Split (with Dust Cult & Redfilled)
  • Broken Universes EP


  • Lights And Shadows
  • Tickle Is Not Pervertion
  • Imagine Me: A Noise Tribute To Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (K.C.S. Volume 2)
  • Broflovski's Killers Reworked & Remixed (Remix compilation album by other artists)
  • Make Mac Bleed Minitour Part 1 (Digital boxset)
  • 3 Avantgarde Pieces Of Piano & Musique Concrete
  • The Lost Symphonies's boxset (Stolen and unreleased)
  • Syringe (as Syringe's project)
  • Falso
  • Absolutamente Nada Normal (Bootleg / out of print)


  • Black Dawn At The Northern Lands
  • Criminal World (collaboration with Byron Muñoz)
  • Some Screams In The Darkness

Forthcoming albums:

  • Stranger (APRIL 2012)
  • Live From Andromeda Sky (MAY 2012)
  • Live Transformation (with Sidd Anders) (JUNE 2012)
  • Make Mac Bleed Minitour Part 2 (Digital boxset) (JUNE 2012)
  • Number One (as Gothica Surrealista's dark ambient project) (not date yet)
  • Looptronica: A Noise Tribute To Jacob Two-Two (K.C.S. Volume 3) (not date yet)
  • Anti-Bullying Symphony (In Seven Movements) (not date yet)
  • Bright Stars (not date yet)

All his works are available for free download at his blog: