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SkruntSkrunt presents a mad scientist approach to noise. SkruntSkrunt offers a unique and varied combination of audio and visuals. From harsh noises to ambient, SkruntSkrunt explores the soundscape of the modern desktop, the auditory aspects of bodies and gravity, and the interaction of physical simulation and granular synthesis. SkruntSkrunt is a long-running project of Victoria and Toronto, Canada-based Dr. Abram Hindle who leverages a wide range of custom software and stolen software ranging from office applications, physics sims, video-games and custom-built user interfaces, in order to produce jarring synthesis. SkruntSkrunt has been a regular act at the Victoria Noise Festival.

SkruntSkrunt is primarily custom software driven, with a heavy relationship between visuals and the associated, often generated audio.

SkruntSkrunt can be found performing primarily in Canada (Edmonton and Victoria) and the USA (SF and Seattle).

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