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Within the context of postcolonial political theory, the subaltern denotes those populations within an imperial colony which are excluded from the hierarchy of power in such a way as to deprive them of human agency. To be subaltern is not merely to be without power or to experience oppression, but to be something less than human in the eyes of power, an object or an animal or entirely invisible.

Subaltern is an experimental noise/music project with eclectic influences focusing on various themes of personal import and fascination. It was established by Wasp as an outlet for their interest in extreme music and sound art which they deemed incompatible with the aesthetics of their prior, somewhat more conventional projects.


Wasp (J.M.)—Vocals, instruments, sounds, treatments. Others to be determined.


Fretless five-string bass guitar, Korg Mini-KP effects unit, microcassette recorder, mixing board, microphones, Logic Pro, Audacity, miscellaneous freeware and plugins, Orff metallophone, lap dulcimer, broken violin, handbell, toy drum, glass and ceramic shards, cardboard tubes, plastic containers, bottles, knives, et cetera.


(Watch this space, yadda yadda yadda.)


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