The Smudge

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The Smudge aka Bucko Crooks is a multimedia artist from Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, active since 2001. He runs the netlabel Galactic Intolerance Records, and has been in several bands, the most notable of which is Loopless. His work centers around relational aesthetics, pop culture, cut-up, live performance, and sculpture. He is a founding member of the Milwaukee DIY collective "Gold in The Fridge", along with notable noiser, sculptor, and art educator William Pariso and the band Beach Burial (Eliot Hess and Tom Olwig).

With a discography reaching well over 300+ releases on tape, cd-r, and various other media, The Smudge project still performs regularly in and around the midwestern United States and occasionally elsewhere. He seeks to make friends with everyone he meets and enjoys French Fries.

A short film about The Smudge: