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The Yolo Boyz are a noise rock / experimental ensemble from Janesville, Minnesota. They claim to be the founders of a new genre, one they deem "Feedback Rock."


Coming from the dark underground of Janesville, Minnesota, The Yolo Boyz are a band that aim to make organized and unorganized sounds and noises in a new and refreshing way. All members of The Yolo Boyz are multi-instrumentalists and are experts in written and improvised music.

Formed in November of 2014 after an impromptu jam session between member Klaus and Cole, The Yolo Boyz plan to release music until they either overdose on Hydrochloric Acid or succumb to the dangerous atmosphere of the Janesville metropolitan area. Also at the arsenal of The Yolo Boyz is their visionary and insightful lyrics, often writing about Existentialism, Nihilism, Blowing chipmunks, Satan masturbating, and so on.


In alphabetical order from first name:

  • Cole R. Feprulo
  • Goei Mqarsz
  • Klaus Balthasar Tablehe
  • Rocey Diver

and some other people.

The Yolo Boyz have their own in-house producer, one simply named Ian.


Guitars, Drums, Bass, Horns, etc. A standard tape deck is used for recording. In early recorded material, a rudimentary drum machine installed onto a Yamaha keyboard was used. That keyboard was foolishly broken, RIP!



  • The Morning Bus (2015)


The Yolo Boyz have entered the internet age! Email them at ""