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Behappy is a Power Electronics/Harsh Noise and Experimental project hailing from a tucked away small holding within Cornwall, UK. Deeply intimate and ruthlessly honest lyrics are torn asunder beneath screeching feedback, walls of noise, crunching grinding churning rhythms Often incorporating elements of black metal, folk and ambient music, the overall feel is generally one of extreme frustration, anger and depression. Made with the ethos "Be cruel to be kind" this project is to some extent a form of personal therapy, a way of keeping the white coats at bay. At one point, many a moon ago the project was also going under the name "Joyous Recovery Sessions" following extreme grief and a mental breakdown.. I now reserve this title purely for the unedited improvisation sessions and it should not be considered "Canon".

The vast majority of music created under the name Behappy is based around improvisations, and a huge playlist of said improvisations can be found on the affiliated youtube channel. All of the finished tracks/ albums and other pieces have been heavily edited, modified and "mastered" versions of improvisational pieces which are generally created around a lyrical base. The set up has always been fairly minimalist A single multi fx pedal A microphone And a roland microcube amplifier being the main stay of the project Although various instruments make it into the project as and when seen fit.

There is no singular style or concept behind the project.. it is mostly an exercise in cathartic release Lingering and dwelling on my own past mistakes, my follies, my failings and the inevitability of seeing the same in others It prevents the quicksand from swallowing me whole.

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Behappy is the project of one Jack.Partridge A.K.A Lola Bhairava A.K.A A.Conduit