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Hi, I'm Javert Nihil from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a Noise Maker with more than 100 recorded albums and I have 12 projects in total at the moment.
Proyects list:
Spectral Void (drone/noise/experimental)
Hedendom (Pagan Raw Black Metal)
Leucodistrofia (Gorenoise/HarshGore/Goregrind/Cyber Gorenoise)
Hedoro (ヘドロ) (Gorenoise/Harsh gorenoise)
Anthopleura Xanthogrammica (Pathological Cyber Harsh Gore Noise)
Conarium Neuro Interface (Harsh Chiptune Noise)
Estenosis Aortica (Pathological Gorenoise)
Oxyphotobacteria Cyanobacterium (Goregrind/Gorenoise)
Siete Minutos Con Diarrea (Noisecore/Noisegrind)
Animals Against Humanity (Gorenoise)
Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis (Pathological Gorenoise)
Blavatsky (Harsh Noise Wall)
Currently the only place where I share my creations is on my YouTube channel:
If anyone is interested in editing in physical format (cd, cdr, tape, vynil), contact me through my email: