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Ronny Wærnes is an artist from just above the arctic circle. Living in the town of Bodø, Norway, he is inspired by nature as well as industrial happenigs around the town or around the world for that matter. Initially he was doing home-recordings on his computer, inspired by local noise artists, and sound effects from various bands, rock, prog, punk and avantgarde. He soon moved on and started live performances solo and in collaboration with word artists and actionists. His live performances include improvised noise, pre-recorded ambient sounds, loops and samples of various kinds. These are mixed and processed on stage. The performances follow the flow of inner or outer inspirations. Unpredictable, devastating.



  • 1965, CDr, No Label, 2005
  • Jeezzy, CDr, Go To Gate Records, 2006
  • Wheezy, Cdr, Go To Gate Records, 2006
  • The Soprano Challenge, Cdr, Go To Gate Records, 2007
  • Johnny Guitar, CDr, Ambolthue Records, 2007


All the following are collected and mixed by Zan Hoffman, released by zh27

  • Here Be Monsters Bequeath Humbled Transgressions

Baba Llaga [es] Buzzsaw & The Shavings [ca] Mockart [de] Ronny Wærnes [no]

  • The Twists and Turns of the Loved and Hated N

Aatmaa [ct] Baba Llaga [es] DJet [ru] Ronny Wærnes [no] Mockart [de] Yann [hk] Torturing Nurse [cn]

  • Your Life Has Been Measured For You

Arturas ßumsteinas [lt] Billy Catfish [oh] DJet [ru] Bret Hart [nc] Mockart [de] Ronny Wærnes [no] Yann [hk] Zanstones [ky]

  • Your Life Has Been Savored For You

DJet [ru] Bret Hart [nc] Mockart [de] Wilson Tsang [hk] Ronny Wærnes [no] Yann [hk] Zanstones [ky] ZenLu [cn]

  • Here Be Monsters Aloof Traipse

Bai + Ain [cn] Tiziano Milani [it] Minuit [mx] Murmurists [uk] NXP [no] One Man Nation [sg] Seiei Jack [jp] Wilson Tsang [hk] Ronny Wærnes [no] Zen Lu [cn]

  • Buddy if you like our music go to the vet Freedom is like a man who kills himself each night, an incessant butcher whose knife grows sharp in blood

Crank Sturgeon [me] Al Margolis [ny] Painful Leg Injuries[ny] Sergi Saldaña [no] Ronny Wærnes [no] Aatmaa [ct]

  • (8) Please get up on

2 Kilos & More [fr] 6RME [fr] Anduin [va] Artico [de] Zac Keiller [au] Javier Moraga [cl] Mr Ebu [de] Smea [se] the_empath [de] Undecisive God [au] Vate [es] Ronny Wærnes [no]

On compilations

  • Nødutgang 2006, CDr, Go To Gate Records, 2006
  • Nødutgang 2007, CDr, Go To Gate Records, 2007
  • Clinical Sounds vol.1, MP3, Clinical Archives, 2007

Other Projects


Rythm'n'noise project. Performes on rare occasions only.


  • Espen Wærnes - noise
  • Ronny Wærnes - noise


  • Ka Nu?, CDr, Go To Gate Records, 2006


Industrial Blues Project, originally started up as a trio called RRMM, but changed name to Blaakraft in 2007. Appears as duo, trio or quartet.


  • Lars Nicolaysen - Drums
  • Ronny Wærnes - Voice & Noise & Keys
  • Vegard Leite - Guitars
  • Johnny Larsen - Bass

Psykisk Tortur

Psykisk Tortur (means psychic torture in Norwegian). Started as a duo in 1984 of Lars Nicolaysen and Tore Stemland. Since then they have worked on their live metal percussion and noise tape playback. Few concerts and releases but a hardcore following has pushed them forward. The line-up was expanded with Ronny Wærnes in the spring 2006. Since then there have been several gigs, including NØDUTGANG 2006 festival and support for vocal impro artist number one in Norway; Lisa Dillan. With Wærnes included in the band they have dropped the playback and now everything is played live. Their concert at NØDUTGANG 2006 is also their latest album. "Sounded like machines while they are breaking up slowly in a beautiful way" was a persons spontaneously comment after the gig.

Well, it is beautiful music for the open minded, the rest is up to you to find out.

Current Members

  • Lars Nicolaysen - Percussion, power tools
  • Ronny Wærnes - Noise, electronics, power tools

Stokastiske Lodd

Ralph und Ralph und Ronny Wærnes

Origami Emergencyka

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