XlosmouX / Garden Of Peace Split (2011)

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Tracklist XlosmouX:

Edge Of Freedom 0:23

Spazz Attack! 0:30

Could You Say That Again? 0:33

Don't Pollute The Environment! 0:05

Don't Support Nuclear Power, Bro 0:11

Untitled (Nikudorei Cover) 0:05

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation Saboteur Can Fuck Off 0:15

XbusstopX 0:18

Dub Bud 0:01

Gfährt 0:00

Is This Random? 0:22

Harmless Bike Accident 0:28

Enugu Art Guy 0:27

Random Song (World Cover) 0:04

Starbucks Fuck Off 0:25

We Are Overrated 0:27

We Are In The Charts 0:26

We Are Hyped 0:01

Zero Goat 0:36

Driving Around With Loud Music And Open Windows 0:36

Irony Involved 0:12

People In NYC Are Fat 0:26

Untitled (Cunts Cover) 0:04

Why? 0:43

Neeeeeeeeei..... Neeeeeei... Neeeiii ächt!!!! 0:51

From Japan With Love 0:56

Tracklist Garden Of Peace:

Peaceful Spring 5:04





XlosmouX Tracks:


Garden Of Peace Track: