XlosmouX / Reator04 Split (2013)

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Tree of life.jpgXCover Reator04.jpg

Printed Copies / Released by Resistência Marginal:


Tracklist XLX:

Seaweed Seeder 0:10

Noise Eland 0:06

Crane 0:02

Stoneturner 0:26

We're Not Gonna Use Stuff We Learned In School For Songtitles 0:12

Goin' Out, Coming Home At 7 O' Clock 0:06

Dem Spliffz 0:40

Reunion? 0:00

Hansteen Art Guy 0:25

What's The Point Of Long Songs? 0:05

Pollution But No Solution 0:31

Shizop Hrenia (Sete Star Sept Cover) 0:06

Lethal Injection (Sete Star Sept Cover) 0:02

Enshrining (Sete Star Sept Cover) 0:02

Frank N' Frankie 0:37

Coffee Spilla 0:04

You'll Learn To Appreciate Us After We're Gone 0:07

Garden Hostiles feat. Kuriaco Sakusya 2:14

Tracklist Reator04:

Armed and Idiotized 0:51

Environmental Sustainability Capitalist Alienation 2:07

Contaminated by Industrial Doom 0:32

Extreme Discharge of Disgust 2:35

Nao Exista Apenas, Faca Algo! 0:41

No Copyright 0:18

Repudiate Militarism 0:50

Slaves T.V 0:24