XlosmouX / Sete Star Sept Split (2015)

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Alternate cover on Underground Pollution

Released on: Underground Pollution

Format: Tape

Limited to: 50 copies

Tracklist XlosmouX:

Bird Reynolds 0:18

Jomped From The Back 0:13

Junked Out 0:27

Chargin' Double 0:19

I Don't Think That Classifies As Art 0:15

Rad Jay 0:01

Noisecore Heavyweights 0:18

CharlesxRamseyxHero 0:06

Kuusano Art Guy 0:49

Can't Handle Celeb Status 0:03

Ed 0:02

Airport Nerds 1:46

Ae-Pic 0:22

Animal Cruelty On TV 0:07

Stolen Intellectual Property 0:23

Football Playa, Window Breaka 0:27

Tea Slimmer 0:19

Respect Demander 2:11

Tracklist Sete Star Sept:

You've never met even once 4:20

Can not remember even once 4:10