ЗадушЫнная Пьеха

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ЗадушЫнная Пьеха (from Russian Задушенная Пьеха (Strangled Pjeha)) is Russian noise/noisecore/noisegrind band, formed in 2010.

ЗадушЫнная Пьеха logo

The name of band is parody at the name of Russian noise/noisecore band Расчленённая ПугачОва ("задушЫнная" from Russian word "задушенная" ("strangled"); Эдита Пьеха (Edita Pjeha) is popular Russian pop singer).

The band defines its genre as "Инфантильный нойз" (Infantile Noise). In it's tracks ЗадушЫнная Пьеха sneering at schoolchildren, children, teenagers, etc.



  • 2010 - Типа Альбом


  • 2014 - Российский Tribute To Андерс Брейвик