Цыганята и Я с Ильича

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Цыганята и Я с Ильича is Soviet industrial/art punk/noise/post punk/noise rock from Omsk, formed in 1988.

Цыганята и Я с Ильича logo
Цыганята и Я с Ильича

Цыганята и Я с Ильича is project of Олег Судаков (Манагер) who worked as an artist-designer, he considered himself a well-balanced person and was sincerely proud that he had never undergone any kind of compulsory treatment at the clinic.. Despite the fact that Oleg was a sociophobe and was a very reserved person, he supported communication with members of the legendary Soviet/Russian band Гражданская Оборона.

In addition to Oleg himself, the band also included some members of Гражданская Оборона, and more specifically Егор Летов, Константин Рябинов, Игорь Жевтун and Аркадий Климкин.

The band ceased to exist in 1990.

Band members

Past members



  • 1989 - Гаубицы лейтенанта Гурубы
  • 1990 - Арджуна-Драйв