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156 is the musical project of Miami native, and current Brooklyn resident, Adel Souto, which is thought by most to fall into the specific genre of authentic industrial noise, or experimental junkyard, though some of 156's pieces are considered ritualistic dark ambient.
Adel Souto began his musical path in punk and hardcore bands dating back to 1985, including Miami hardcore outfit Timescape Zero (one 7", two LPs; 1992 - 1997), as well as appearing as a guest musician on many other albums (drums: The Goslings "Grandeur of Hair" LP, 2005).
Souto is also known for 'the thinking man's fanzine' Feast of Hate and Fear, which was in print from 1990 - 1997, and has been archived on the internet since 2001.
156 play an industrial, trance-inducing, whirlwind of abrasive sounds and clashing tones not far off of what early Einstürzende Neubauten, Z'ev or Test Dept would have done in 1981, or later by Crash Worship. While some of the quieter material brings to mind David Jackman's Organum, or even Metgumbnerbone.
In 2011, Heathen Harvest included the debut CD by 156 on their 'best of' list.


self-titled debut, CD EP, limited to 156 copies on Feast of Hate and Fear
"Frontyard / Backyard", cassette EP, limited to 100 copies on Acid Casualty
"Eight Steps In the Dance", cassette EP, limited to 93 copies on Goat Eater Arts