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San Francisco-by-way-of-Ohio 16 Bitch Pile-Up was a noise band consisting of Sarah Cathers, Tina Matthews, Shannon Walter, Brooke Zamudio and Sarah Bernat.


BFF (CDR) - Gameboy Records
Dry Rot/Damp Rot (split CDR with Phil Julian) - Authorized Version
They Went Extinct Because They Became Invisible (CDR) - Gameboy Records
Solid Gold (CDR) - Triple SSS
No White Pants (3" CDR) - BlakeLakes Records
Lord Hall (3" CDR) - Obelisk Sounds
Brain Swamp (double CDR) - Triple SSS
Creditor Predator (CDR) - Triple SSS
16bitchpileup BLOWS (CDR) - Triple SSS
I Get My Kicks Above the Waistline, Sunshine (Thunder and Lightning TAPE) - Triple SSS
Acalpulcopokalipstick (split 7" with Burmese) - Not Not Fun
Just Another Point in the Pentagram (CDR) - Triple SSS
Come Here, Sandy (split 12" w/Sword Heaven) - Gameboy Records
Make Like a Fetus and Abort (CDR) - Triple SSS
Make Like a Fetus and Abort (split 12" w/Mike Shiflet) - Ectstatic Peace
Face Cadet (split TAPE w/Sword Heaven) - Gameboy Records
Hairless Whisperer (12" single) - American Tapes
Sword/Pile (CDR collab w/ Sword Heaven) - Gameboy Records
Diamond of Truth (3 TAPE solo sets of SB, SC, SW, BX, TM) - Triple SSS
Shiflet/Bernat (split TAPE) - Gameboy Records
Ass H (CDR) - Triple SSS
Barbaracuda (CDR) - Triple SSS
CatFight (CDR+DVD) - Triple SSS
16 Bitch Pile Up + Friends (DVD) - Triple SSS
Black Cats (CDR) - Triple SSS
Happy Birthday (Sarah Bernat 3" CDR) - self release
Def n Dum (Sarah B. and Shannon W. TAPE) - Triple SSS
7 Depressions (Shannon W. & Damion Romero 7") - Heavy Tapes
Untitled (7" lathe) - AA Records
ADAD (CDR) - Triple SSS
Fun From None - No Fun Fest '04/'05 (DVD) - Load Records
Def n Dum - Straight to Video (VHS) - Barf Records
Bury Me Deep (CD) - Troniks

Pequod (CD) - Collective JYRK
FutureTrash (12' LP) - Chondritic Sound
Land Policy (2x12"LP) - No Fun Production

The Hitcher/ In Flannel (TAPE) - Hanson Records