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5643 Song EP is a vinyl 7" by the band Anal Cunt, recorded and released in 1989.

Track listing

Since there are no notable songs on the EP, no track listing can be made, although, the first song on the first side is longer than the others and has been played live by Anal Cunt on occasion.

Side one is 4:59 long and side two is 6:01.


The record was based on an idea created by Anal Cunt vocalist Seth Putnam and sound engineer Mark Lindahl, who recorded (amongst other things) the 88 Song EP. To create a record with 5643 songs on it, Anal Cunt went into a 16-track recording studio, on September 23 and September 24, 1989, and recorded a 7" worth of songs on one track, and then did a same for the second track, and the third and continued like this until all 16 tracks were filled with 6 minutes of music. The whole process was repeated for the other side of the record, with the band returning to the studio to do this on October 1, 1989. The result is that when the record is played, 16 songs can be heard at once. If there really are 5643 songs on the EP, this also means that each song is less than 2 seconds long (given that the first song on Side A is substantially longer than the rest). Nothing like this had been tried before, although several other attempts to fit large amounts of songs into a small amount of time have been made since, such as Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Altered States of America and previous attempt at fitting many songs in one EP by Anal Cunt, with their 88 Song EP.


In 1991 Anal Cunt made their first compact disc release, Greatest Hits Volume One, which included Anal Cunt's early releases such as 88 Song EP and Another EP. Also included on the CD was the track "Outtakes From 5643 Song EP". This six and a half minute track is an archival recording of highlights from the sessions for 5643 Song EP. It includes studio chatter, and unedited version of the intro song and songs included on the EP that are otherwise indistinguishable from the others that are playing simultaneously at any given moment during the EP but included here on their own in an unaltered form. When Greatest Hits Volume One and Old Stuff Part Two were re-released together as a two-disc set, "Outtakes From 5643 Song EP" was mysteriously omitted from the compilation and replaced by "Outtakes From Another EP", making the former quite rare and original copies of Greatest Hits Volume One very valuable among Anal Cunt fans.

Release information

A small pressing of 300 records were originally released on Stridecore Records (Stridecore Records #1). Anal Cunt reasoned that few people would buy such a record. They also did not want an image on the scene, such that, all of their music was purely noise. Nevertheless, the record attracted more attention than the band was expecting and Earache Records offered to license it for a European pressing [1]. When Anal Cunt declined, Earache Records offered to buy the whole pressing, but instead it was released in Europe through German label TNT+R (TNT+R 77/07). In total, 307 EPs were released on Stridecore Records with 100 on yellow vinyl, 200 on red vinyl and 1100 on TNT+R, which were six different colours of vinyl (not the ten different colours stated on the cover). Three sleeves for the record exist – the first 50 pressed on Stridecore Records have a pornographic cover and the TNT+R version has a separate pornographic cover. The rest on Stridecore have the plain black cover.


  • Seth Putnam – vocals
  • Mike Mahan – guitar
  • Tim Morse - drums

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