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804noise is a collective of artists & enthusiasts dedicated to making the Richmond community more receptive to experimental, noise, and avant-garde art/ideas. By networking with other experimental communities and artists we hope to make it easier for experimental events to take place in Richmond and other surrounding areas. The 804noise Website offers a calendar which may contain experimental events outside of the (804) area code such as Washington DC, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, and other neighboring cities to promote solidarity within the experimental community as a whole.

804noise was formed in December of 2001, founded on community and mutual aid instead of scene and posturing. It has since become a strong and diverse community of experimental, noise and visual artists. In March of 2004 the decision to move forward with a community based label culminated in the production of a Richmond experimental and noise compilation entitled "804noise". The vision of 804noise Records is to publish and distribute music only from Virginia with a focus on the Richmond experimental community.

Members of the 804noise collective have branched off and formed the HzCollective http://blogspot.com/hzcollective

Other Resources:

http://myspace.com/804noise http://804noise.org http://804noise.blogspot.com