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 Name              = Anakrid |
 Origin            = Columbia, SC |
 Genre             = Experimental |
 Label             = Beta-lactam Ring|
 Years_active      = 1989Present |
 Current_members   = Chris Bickel| 
 Past_members      = | Rob Cherry| C Neil Scott|

Musical output

Anakrid was a moniker adopted by Chris Bickel in 1989 as an umbrella for various forms of musical experimentation. Over the course of several years Bickel recorded under this name, sometimes with the assistance of other like-minded individuals; only releasing demo cassettes in extremely limited numbers to close friends. The first release of 1989's "Anakrid Aural Presentation" was a crude exercise at best. Over the years, Bickel continued to experiment with sound-manipulation and sound sculpture all the while releasing demo cassettes and later CDR's in extremely limited numbers for his close friends. It wasn't until 2003 when Bickel surprisingly received an Arts Grant to do a widespread release that the public-at-large became aware of Anakrid. Since then Anakrid has continued to release recordings, usually on vinyl LP format. The music of Anakrid could be considered Experimental Music, Avant-Garde, or Noise Music. Compositional techniques have been influenced by Dada, Fluxus, and the ideas of John Cage amongst others.


Anakrid is an American music band, formed in 1989 by Chris Bickel Although Chris Bickel has sole curatorship of Anakrid, the project has included the assistance of Rob Cherry, C Neil Scott, Jefferey Mythdoor.

Though Chris Bickel began recording as Anakrid before his involvement in other projects, he also played in the bands In/Humanity, Guyana Punch Line, Confederate Fagg, and Newgenics.


  • (1989) Anakrid Aural Presentation (First cassette release, several other cassettes and later CDR's were released in extremely small editions to close friends over the years, but no records have been kept of releases, dates, or titles)
  • (2003) Reality is Elitist and Other Smashist Sound Manifestoes (CD released in edition of 1000 copies, funded by an arts grant. Artist considers this to be the first "official demo" release of Anakrid.
  • (2005) Father (Vinyl LP limited to 350 copies on Bickel's own Stereonucleosis Records)
  • (2006) Live July 4th (released on Black Horizons label, 80 copies pressed)
  • (2006) Rapture of the Deep (Vinyl LP limited to 350 copies on Stereonucleosis)
  • (2007) Joyfear (One-sided vinyl LP limited to 100 copies with hand-painted covers by Bickel. Released on Stereonucleosis)
  • (2007) Crash Their Putrid Minds (Cassette on Black Horizons)
  • (2007) Pos Load: Nihilsurrealisme (One-sided vinyl LP limited to 100 copies with hand-painted covers by Bickel. Released on Stereonucleosis)
  • (2007) Anakrid/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Collaboration (vinyl LP limited to 324 copies. Released on Black Horizons)
  • (2008) UNODOS (Double CD compiling tracks from "Father" and "Rapture of the Deep" with bonus tracks. 400 copies with hand-painted art insert. Released on Beta-lactam ring Records)
  • (2008) Eyetuber Apothegm ANAKRID/ARACHNID ARCADE CDR collaboration. 50 copies? (Organs Recordings Organs 20)
  • (2008) Des Filles Pour La Section Speciale 45 RPM 7 inch on Daisy Cutter Records limited to 100 copies
  • (2008) Little Sir Echo CDR release in hand-painted digipacks limited to 120 copies released through Greek label Insult Recordings
  • (2008) FEVERDREAMFEVER LP limited to 200 copies on Stereonucleosis. Hand numbered and screened covers.
  • (2008) Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened CD on Beta-lactam Ring Records (vinyl LP version forthcoming)

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