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Anal Buffet is a noisecore/grind band from the United States. Started in 2006 as a goregrind band with two members, Ken Coghlan and James Woods, Anal Buffet released the full length Eat Kids Free. Shortly after the release of Eat Kids Free, Anal Buffet turned to noise, dropping James Woods and continuing with one member. During this period, they released five EP's and two splits. In 2008, Anal Buffet added another member, Lena Dati, to play bass. Shortly thereafter, the first Anal Buffet noise full length, Cho's My Bro, was released.
Anal Buffet continues to write custom essays and record music with these two members.
Songs, downloads, and more information can be found at their myspace:

Eat Kids Free full length (2006)
Fuck You Lou EP (2006)
She's Dead EP (2007)
Manipulative Bitch EP (2007)
You're Just Gay EP (2007)
Ha Ha Ha: A Tribute To 9/11 (2007)
We Luv Zack split with Dance Dance Final Solution (2008)
Disorganoized Terror split with Causa Mortis, THC Eradicus, and The Negro Spirituals (tape released by Sludgesicle Records) (2008)
Cho's My Bro full length (2008)
Cunts On Patrol EP (2009)
Split with The Jerkwads and Rectal Twat (tape released by Gore On Demand Records) (2009)