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Began in 1996 as N.FIOS (Noise For It's Own Sake), later Dearth N.FIOS. Changed name in 2000. First recordings on four-track using every means at disposal; old analogue pedals, old analogue synth, old microphone, tapes, the toilet flushing, etc. Began fully using synth with digtital multi-effects pedal around 2007/8, concentrating on power drones, as well as vynal albums and tapes as sound sources. Added keyboard sampler in 1999, digital keyboard in 2000 and software in 2001. Now using analogue synthesizers, digital keyboard, analogue and digital pedals, microphone, meat and rubbish, software and samples. Have recorded huge amount of material between 1996 and now, some released on cassette and mp3, but no real attempt to collate and release to the public until 2009 with the launch of non-existant micro-label Solar Anus. Released cdrs and pro-made cassettes until early 2011, when the name Screwtape was abandoned. Releases are now either under own name or no name.



Teaching Ravens To Fly Underwater (Dreamland) Underwater MP3 album made up of three separate folders of files derived from a suite of sound applications made for older versions of Apple Mac. computers. Each folder was introduced by a piece that, taken together, formed another suite. Samples derived from traditional Chinese flute music, traditional Maronite Christian Lebanese hymns, Rick Wakeman's "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" and other sources.


Goodbye Cruel World cdr (Lonely Whistle) Feedback and sample manipulation concept album regarding the asteroid Aphosis and its conceptual connection to the original myth of Apep The Destroyer.


Fist Of The Sun cassette (Solar Anus). Audio impressions of physical and emotional reactions to the worst heatwave in recorded history in Victoria, Australia during January, 2009.

Shit On Legs cdr wrapped in aluminium foil (Solar Anus). Pure hate filled blurt against yobbo/bogun neighbours.

Life, The Universe And Nothing 80mm cdr (Solar Anus). Recordings edited and collated from rehearsals for live performance, attempting to recreate sound of Fist Of The Sun.

Whenever I Hear The Words Pop Culture I Reach For My Gun 80mm cdr (Solar Anus). Recordings edited and collated from rehearsals for live peformance, using meat, vocals and cd as sound sources.

Day Of Hell cassette (Solar Anus). Audio impression of the firestorms that devastated rural Victoria on 7/2/09. Also two pieces recorded in the summer of the previous year relating the physical pain of hay fever and dermatitis brought on by heatstroke, as well as un-sleepable nights due to extreme heat.

Wormdung Execration 4x80mm cdr and art-card (Solar Anus). A series of pieces recorded on four-track tape recorder using every means at disposal.

Deconstrrruction online release. Two pieces mangling a twenty minute live recording of Emil Beaulieau (see collaborations).

Popular Destruction online release. Noise plunderphonics/detrivore copyright violation of commercial radio.

Mars In Cancer cassette (Black And Purple). Two pieces, "Dragon's Head" and "Dragon's Tail". Thunge synth.

Crushing The Entrails Of The Planet cdr (Klaustrosignal). Two Harsh Noise spirals, one recorded as part of the "Wormdung Execration" sessions.

Vomit Age Disintergrator cdr (Solar Anus). Made up of pieces recorded during rehearsals for live performance with steel buckets, plastic bags, microphones, cdr player and feedback.


You Scum cdr (Solar Anus). 3" cdr of short, concise PE/Industrial pieces. Each piece is separate but the album is meant to be listened to as a whole. The so far only "pure" Power Electronics album.

Cunt's Act cassette (Magik Crowbar). Side one, a spontaneous recording made minutes after receiving the request for the album. Taking a site recording of a storm outside of residence made that day with video camera, those sounds where combined with vocals and effects while drunk. Side two, "Extreme Unction", a piece originally recorded around 2003/4 and constantly re-edited since.

I Ate Your Shit, Now I'll eat Your Soul (Solar Anus). Album length cassette release of older recordings, some dating back to 1996 when the project was still called N.FIOS, including the first Noise recording, "Machinescrew", (inspired by the art by Ian Miller and poem by Barry King, of the same name) by this project.


Grey cassette (Altered States). Originally intended as a five track release on Solar Anus, then stripped down to three and used by Altered States. Because of the unsatisfactory nature of the dubs this release is not recommended.

Blood And Chunder (Nowthis). Two commissioned pieces, the first being a deconstruction of popular music radio, the second a rhythmic Industrial piece mocking faux possessions of teenage girls by evil spirits. Coming out almost a week after "Grey", it also suffered from poor dubbing despite the cassettes being "professionally" pressed.

Between Yes And No, Stars Fall From Heaven And Heads Fly Off At The Neck. (Owl Eater). Online release of two lengthy spirals recorded in the previous year. "Amos 5.24" being based on an older spiral (approx. 2005/6) with more recent edits and "You Can't Win So Don't Try" based on sounds derived from my wheelie bin.

Split releases/collaborations

Love Ascends Piece contributed to the compilation celebrating the marriage of Leigh Stench to his now ex. wife.

Highway Of Death/To The Ruin Of Us All Cassette release with US project November 14 on Central Industrial Records.

Dilection Abominor double 80mm cdr with art card (Solar Anus). Split/collaborative effort with US performer R.J.Myato.

We Destroy Planets Cassette release with US project Regosphere on DumpsterScore Home Recordings.

Dilectio Abominor 2xcdr (Solar Anus. Double 3" cdr collaboration/split with US Noise artist R.J.Myato. One album featuring separate pieces and the other two collaborations, thematically concerned with black/white race relations in the US.

w/Mixturizer Cassette. Older piece called "The Iron Void" with Spanish project Mixturizer on US label Phage Tapes.

Soliarity! On US label Banned Productions, a concept compilation put together by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen of left-wing anthems. Screwtape contributed a cover of "A Las Baricadas!", the battle hymn of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union the CNT, using samples from a 1979 vynal album recording of the song. G.X. also asked Screwtape and other artists for vocal contributions to the IWW song "Solidarity Forever"; Screwtape's vocals ended up on three different versions of the piece.

The Internationale (Banned Productions). A companion to the compilation album, this features different versions of the international song of labour. Screwtape contributed vocals to G.X.'s version.

Small Doses. A compilation of mostly "noise-core" projects put out on US label Mortville, this was the final release. Screwtape contributed a ten second version of "Extreme Unction".

From the end of 2010 a series of split cassettes was released from Solar Anus - w/ M.A.N.K. Solo project of Casey, vocalist of Melbourne PE duo Ebola Disco. w/ Undecisive God. Project of Clinton Green, long-time musician, historian and archivist of Australian experimental and abstract music. w/ The Haters. Unsurprisingly this has proven to be the most popular Solar Anus release, demonstrating (once again) the consumerist nature of many Noise fans. w/ Von Einem. Project of Mark Groves,


I regard online releases as just as legitimate than physical, in many cases even more so when one considers how limited editions usually are in Noise. It is a continuous project involving full albums and single spirals -


The Unnameable With Clinton Green (Undecisive God, Bite The Capsicum, Shame File micro-label and distribution). Dark Noise/Ambient pieces devoted to the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Citizens' Committee For Moral Hygiene With Jame Smith (W.I.T.). Manipulation of each others' sound sources. Noise both psychedelic and rhythmic. One track, "We Will Eat The World", was ripped off and used by Siesm for his track "Blue Skies Of War" without our permission. Attempts to contact this individual unsuccessful. May he drown in his own shit.

Alientape With Richard Wixner (Alien Tech, Sonic Ponderings, etc., Another Plane Records). Manipulation of each others' sound sources. Noise and ambient mashed together.

Deconstrrruction Redux: Rrredeconstrrruction My deconstrrruction of RRRon's original live recording rrredeconstrrructed by Melayne Seitoung.

Ethic Cleansing. Collaboration with Melbourne PE duo Ebola Disco. Half a year of alcohol and drug induced jam sessions produced the tape "Public Domain" (Solar Anus) and a tape of two versions of the spiral "This Means You!", a concept piece on dementia based on personal reflections from working in aged care; one side a live version from the only performance Ethic Cleansing did, the other a rehearsal version. This tape was later re-released on cdr by Magik Crowbar.

Tangerine Nightmare. Collaboration with Clinton Green and Brisbane sound artist Lloyd Barrett, a one-off synth jam session. Edited versions of the recordings where released as the cdr "Synthicide" on Shame File Recordings.