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Antihuman @ N4C 2, Tęcza, Kraków, Poland

Around noise project founded in 2003 by Jacek Lechwar.


Death Machinery (Far From Showbiz 2005)

Gas Chamber (Far From Showbiz 2005)

Teenager Prostitute (Far From Showbiz 2005)

Antihuman & Pi - 3 Splits Set (Far From Showbiz 2006)

Another Clone Of Jesus (Far From Showbiz 2006)

Genocide (Far From Showbiz 2006)

Child Stench (Smell The Stench 2006)

The Fly (Kaos Ex Machina Promotions 2007)

Annular Cancer (Somnolent Shelter Records 2010)

Tracks Apear on Following Compilations

Far From Music (Far From Showbiz 2005)

The Habit Of Death (Far From Showbiz) 2006

Brainwashing Machine (Zvukovina 2007)

Monsters At Work - Noise Cumpilation Part 1 (Far From Showbiz 2007)

Smell The Stench Compilation 2007 (Smell The Stench 2007)

The Temple Of Biomechanoids - Polish Post-Industrial Tribute To H.R. Giger (77industry 2007)

Radical Poland 2 (AudioTONG 2008)

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