Apparitions Ov Desire

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Founded 1989 in Kalamazoo, Michigan Apparitions ov Desire created harsh, heavy noise soundscapes made by unraveling the human mind into a messy pulp then throwing it out in the street for kittens to pee on...

Our newer incarnation for this age is a bit less outwardly abrasive in tone and sound, maybe it's even refined, but has not lost it's soul, controversial themes or the disturbing sonic imagery that marked Apparitions ov Desire as a founding group to the annuals of Michigan Industrial noise history. Cut up and Dadaist methods are readily used liberally. Much of the "music" is also done blind. Tracks are mixed without listening to parts at all. They are just placed into the track unmodified. We really do not care what they sound like as each recording is a specific record in time, place and emotion. We never called ourselves entertainment and openly stated that we are nothing of the sort.