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Arron W Cobbett is an Audio/Visual artists from the little town of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom.

Arron started out his Noise ventures in 2006 in the last ear of school discovering artists such as Merzbow, The FCKN BSTRDS and falling instantly in love with them he gathered up what equipment he could and started to bother the town with one off projects and CDr's releases with not so friendly artwork lying around for the public to find.

Arron does Audio and Visual work under his art banner "Bears Farming Bears" and continues to play live in HITLERBUTTSECKS and The Abusers.

:: List of Projects Involved in or Lead by...

. SkatKnob
. GG Allan and the Shitmunks
. Angry Bagmen
. The Abusers

Bears Farming Bears Homepage[2]