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Norwich, UK. M. Andrews principally active as an instrumental improviser, songwriter, and poet; thus far Asmas has very much been a side-project for sporadic indulgence. This will change.


Matthew Andrews


Asmas presents a VERY CRUEL DESIGN, a piece of apparatus comparable only to the thing from Kafka's 'In The Penal Colony', cOmInG sOoN to live use...


a four-channel mixer combining...

1. a Macbook running loops generated from material produced and/or processed in PureData / Hydrogen / Audacity / Reaper / etc.

2. FM radio thru a dynamic mic

3. a metronome-cum-tone-generator thru a Boss DS-1, Big Muff, and Ashdown 'James LoMenzo' Bass Hyper Drive

4. bowed, battered, and prepared electric guitar thru a high-gain valve preamp (preparations include screwdrivers, Allen keys, springs, coins, slides, a hammer...)

For recording purposes this is supplemented or replaced-in-part by various other instruments (most notably double bass and synth) plus extensive use of contact microphones and found objects.



AP cover.jpg

Attendant Presumption (31/05/2020)

1. The Profile of a Grain of Sand 03:59

2. (B) 04:13

3. Yr Conception of Ideology is The Problem (Reich Was Right) 03:14

4. (between) 04:28

5. A More Expedient Folly 06:44

6. (A) 05:10

(noise / harsh noise / industrial / sound collage / drone)

[Digital only / U.S. Bail Fund fundraiser]


Insub registry cover.jpg

The Insub Registry: First Outing (29/05/2020)

1. Abject Humanism 21:39

2. Clepsydra 22:14

(noise / harsh noise / sound collage / generative)

[Cassette + Digital]


LNCN cover.jpg


1. The Square Root Of Minus One Is An Imperial Power 04:29

2. Magic Lantern But Not 08:18

3. Branding Kink 03:00

4. The Difference Between Two And Four Is A Two Neither Of Them Contain 07:32

5. Biopolitics Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does 06:30

6. Might As Well Use It 02:27

7. Ways Of Dog To Van 06:17

8. The Hosts Of This Gameshow Died In The Wrong Order 11:54

9. Vision-In-One 03:04

10. All Art Aspires To 06:14

(noise / harsh noise / EAI / free improvisation / computer music)

[CD-R + Digital]



Immanent Soul-Train Classics For One (21/05/2020)

1. 'Entropy' Pronounced 'Excitement' 03:19

2. The Temerity Of It 04:10

3. Volume Does Not Equal Intent 03:40

4. Roland Barthes Enjoys His Collection Of Polaroids 03:26

5. The Direction Of Appropriation Is Everything 06:29

6. Thinking Again About Miasma 04:13

7. Two For Two 05:30

8. For The Future (Just In Case) 02:13

(noise / harsh noise / HNW / drone / EAI / free improvisation)

[Digital only]