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Auritripsy is a noisecore/gorenoise/harsh noise group that was formed in 2014 under various names. They decided to stick to one name, Auritripsy. Auritripsy is a made up word that literally means "ear pulverization" as auri- means ear and -tripsy means pulverization or destruction. They started out playing power electronics/noise, but as time moved on they switched to playing noisecore in the same vein as Last Days Of Humanity, Gore Beyond Necropsy, 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Deche-Charge, and early Anal Cunt.

Releases Not all releases included

  • Auritripsy
  • A Tribute To Anal Cunt
  • Auritripsy II
  • Auritripsy/Vomitorium
  • Noisegrind EP
  • Noisegrind EP #2
  • Noisegrind EP #3
  • A Noisegrind Christmas
  • One Song Demo
  • Collection of Cadaveric Spasms
  • Auritripsy/Shitnoise Bastards