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Bestial Vomit is a noisecore band from Rome, (Italy) started in the early 2000s. This band is strictly interlaced with the noisecore label Lo-Fi Records which is owned by Joseph, a member of the band

Current Members:

Joseph: da spinaceto con gli zimmari
Nicola: dall alberone col veleno
Cedro: dall'ateneo con ardore
Simone: da aprilia con le mosche
Gianluigi: dal benci con le cime di rapa
ER Capoccia: dal vaticanos col Radfahren

Past members:

the King of all Bambas
Scureggino the top of Burzum black metal mafia
Roberto dalla sabina col trattore
Andrea tajo in testa
Crusti alias Catena courtesy appearence by D.P.G.
il puzza che non veniva mai alle prove
il grande grandissimo Claudio mestergiovanni
Velia non suonava dal 93
Vai Sandro da trento col trattore
Giorgia queen of hobos
Tiziano Pratesi e la festa di compleanno della sua mamma

Bestial Vomit concept is the most noisecore classical concept: nonsense and stupidity. Also political messages spreaded in the years. All songs are improvised and recorded during rehearshals, the style can change into grind noise, sludgy grindcore or folk popular music.

This is the Bestial Vomit discography:

Antirockstar Manifesto!
cdr 2003 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Extreme Hate (indonesia)
cdr 2003 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Permanent Death (bel)
tape 2003 Lo-fi rec

The Kingdome Of Flowers & Fliyng Cocks
tape 2004 Lo-fi rec

Pissing On The Mainstream vol.1
comp.never officially released

split w/ Purulent Excretor (fra)
cdr 2005 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Plague Rages (bra)
cdr 2005 Lo-fi rec

comp."Kaos, Larsen, Musick vol I"
cdr 2005 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Takashi Ohkawa (nl-pl)
tape 2005 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Cannibe (ita)
cdr 2006 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Permanent Death (bel)
tape 2006 Lo-fi rec

Total Noise Destruction 6 way split w/ The Marcus Wesson Experience / Tostio / SxOxLxTxTxDxWx / NxDxFxTxEx / Infected Etron
cd-r 2006 impure knife rec; undeground pollution records

Greatest Shit
tape 2006 smell the stench

split w/ Rottrephagist (bra)
cdr 2006 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Anal Foam/ Mental Shit/ C.L.G. (ita)
cdr 2006 The Self Cannibalism Rec.

split w/ Engulfed In Flies (usa)/ Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (ita)
cdr 2006 Lo-fi rec

split w/ Penis Enlargement(ita)
tape 2007 grind block records

split w/ Gorgonized Dorks (usa)
tape 2007 bringer of gore

split w/ Proletar (indonesia) "If Tomorrow There Was A War..."
cd-a 2007 lo-fi rec / nelly rec / jerkoff rec

split w/ Agathocles (bel) "Law And Order / The Politician"
7" ep 2007 lo-fi rec /zas! autoproduzioni

8 way split w/ Anal Disembowelment(poland)/ Berkowitz(poland)/ Kadaver(israel)/ Melanocetus Murrayi (greece)/ Potabilizadora(spain)/ Takashi Ohkawa (nl-pl)/ Urinary Disfunction (bra) "I Like Your Pussy Face, When Do You Hear This, This Is Grind & Noise For You Posers"
cd-r 2007 lo-fi rec/ la musica del odio rec.

net compilation 2.0 mp3 compilation
download from website of r.o.n.f.records 2007

12 way split w/ Acrophagia / And You Shall Live In Terror / Gotfuck Yourself / Gynecomastia, sarin diarrhoea / sarkofacho crss 88 / awesome bin laden / napalm noise / Takashi Ohkawa / Urinary Dysfunction / Vulgar Nausea "12 Noisecore Bands For Your Birthday"
tape 2008 undeground pollution records, la musica del odio records

split w/ hemorrhoidal anal suffering (bra)
tape 2008 lo fi records, splatter fuck tapes

compilation "make noise not money"
cd-r 2008 extreme terror prod.

faggot compilation
tape 2008 grind lover rec.

split w/ the donkeys syindicate (gre)
8 cm cd-r 2008 deathforce rec.

split w/ smg (mal)
tape 2009 lo-fi rec.

split w/ shitfuckingshit (ita)
cd-r 2009 diy

split w/ egodeath (gre)
tape 2009 lo-fi rec.

12 way split w/ 7 minutes of nausea (aus)/ deche-charge (can)/ CSMD (hol)/ gorgonized dorks (usa)/ TQB (norway)/ hoehenkontrolle (ger)/ extreme smoke 57 (slo)/ inavenoclue (???)/ morality declined (usa)/ rectal twat (usa)/ crevez(???)
tape 2009 sludgesicle rec.

compilation шумовая блевотина mp3 compilation
download from website of noisevomit webzine 2009

4 way split w/ slaughtergrave (gre) / chaos anarchy (indonesia) / vampiric cold blood (gre-ita)
cd-r 2010 diy

3 way split w/ TSM (peru') / pissed cunt (czech rep.)
cd-r 2010 diy

Bajingan Datang - promo indonesian tour
cd-r 2010 diy

split w/ noise trauma (canada)
cd-r 2010 shitstain rec.

Sotto Gli Occhi Di Tutti E Sotto Quelli Di Nessuno - promo balcan tour
cd-r 2010 diy

5 way split w/ the people's noise project (ger)/ pig rot (usa) / shitfuckingshit (ita) / hell bovine (usa) " 5 lessons in musical scatology"
cd-r 2010 vomit bucket prod

split w/ disleksick (can)
tape 2010 coffin crawl rec.

split w/ cunt saw (usa)
tape 2010 kill a cop rec.

compilation "attack and kill"
cd-r 2010 kill inc rec.

compilation "slaughter the w.b.c."
cd-r 2010 trench gun tapes

100 bands compilation
7 inches 2011 nhdiyst rec.

as they say in their website they always search for labels and bands for future collaborations

Bestial Vomit official myspace: [[1]]
Joseph e-mail: