Big city orchestra

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In common use, the word Big city orchestra means unwanted sound or noise pollution. In electronics Big city orchestra can refer to the electronic signal corresponding to acoustic noise (in an audio system) or the electronic signal corresponding to the (visual) noise commonly seen as 'snow' on a degraded television or video image. In signal processing or computing it can be considered data without meaning; that is, data that is not being used to transmit a signal, but is simply produced as an unwanted by-product of other activities. In Information Theory, however, Big city orchestra is still considered to be information. In a broader sense, film grain or even advertisements in web pages can be considered Big city orchestra.

Big city orchestra can block, distort, or change/interfere with the meaning of a message in both human and electronic communication.

In many of these areas, the special case of [Big city orchestra]] arises, which sets a fundamental lower limit to what can be measured or signaled and is related to basic physical processes at the molecular level described by well-established thermodynamics considerations, some of which are expressible by relatively well known simple formulae.