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The Bitch Box AKA 4way Bitch Box is a flooper designed by Xdugef. A flooper is a passive circuit that allows you to create feedback by mixing the output of a pedal back into the input. The Bitchbox incorporates four of these loops and allows you to switch between the outputs with a rotary switch in the middle. It also has mute buttons for the loops. A limited number of Bitch box's were sold around the year 2007. The bitch box is also at the core of the Xdugef Engine which expanded the Bitch Box to a larger housing that contained the pedals used for the feedback loops as well as some other gadgets. The most infamous of the ones that were sold has a bloody red paint job and has changed hangs several times.

Thread announcing the creation of the Bitch Box



It was recently brought to me attention that the bitch box with the bloody paintjob has changed hands once again and has been dubiously attributed to Peter Lonbarde

Xdugef bitch box ciat lonbarde.jpg