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BLACK LEATHER JESUS was created by Richard Ramirez in 1989, but its first official release came in 1990. Black Leather Jesus work/art has been inspired by the gay S&M/Bondage scene. Over the years, Black Leather Jesus has released many vinyl, cd, cd-r, cassette products. Founder, Richard Ramirez, also runs the experimental-noise label, Deadline Recordings. Ramirez is also involved with several side projects, including: Werewolf Jerusalem, Priest in Shit, S-21, Crash at Every Speed, Last Rape, Release Helen Rytka, Anal Drill, Are the Volcanoes Still Active?, Last Rape, S.S. Electronics, Baptist Skin Communiti, Private Mouthpiece, Meat Shop Rapist, & others. DEADLINE RECORDINGS


Richard Ramirez-Founder


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