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Body Inflation Sequence

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Body Inflation Sequence was created by Jeffy Hardman in 2009 as a private theoretical experimental project with themes circling around social anxiety, drug use, overpopulation, long medical names and thoughtless illegible grindcore style logos. The name is a culmination of 3 words chosen from a dictionary at random and was decidedly inspired by the release of Tom Six's "The Human Centipede [First Sequence]". The original recordings were layered overly-distorted recordings of a microphone being rattled around in containers full of broken glass. Inspired by the "noise music" projects he had newly discovered on MySpace and using his E-Machine computer, he mastered the use of Windows Voice Recorder and recorded up to 11 "joke albums" of pointlessly harsh noise up until February of the year 2010 when he suddenly transplanted to Austin TX, leaving behind a majority of his belongings.

Austin TX Debut

Jeffy began work on recordings after abruptly arriving in Austin TX releasing only 2 records in physical form in the year 2010. An online-only Angelfire download called "One Sequence Too Many" and an audio-cassette titled "Sequence #666 [REABORTED]". His set included circuit-bent toys, mixer feedback, distortion and reverb pedals, old hi-fi equipment, and at one time a 1950's oscilloscope. He went on to play several shows around central Texas and released his self-titled LP and an online split with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan in the year 2011.

After a short time away from Austin while he lived in a one-person travel trailer in Granbury TX, Jeffy returned to Austin with a new vigor and even released a track on the Austin Noise Comp [2012] (although he wasn't an Austin resident at the time of it's release). He went on to record and collaborate with more Austin locals and had taken up an interest into promoting experimental and noise shows.


After a long hiatus between 2014 and early 2015, B.I.S. became an active project again, releasing a number of digital downloads. The theme of his releases still circled around human corruption, and drug abuse but veered off into the territory of psychedelia, depression, suicide, and eating disorders. The sound only gained ground in harshness up until this point with improvements in the recording setup and the equipment used.


Self-Titled Tape Tracks [Lost] - 2010

Sequence #666 [Lost] - 2010

Open This! Cocaine Inside! - [Lost] - 2010

One Sequence Too Many - 2010

Sequence #666 [REABORTED] (Tape Release) - 2010

Smells Like Crystal Meth And Welfare Checks - 2011

B.R.R. vs. B.I.S. (Digital Split) - 2011

Self-Titled LP - 2011

SODOMIZE EVERYTHING (Floppy Disk Release) - 2011

Fagdisk (Floppy Disk Release) - 2011

Processing Recal Tube Depth (Single) - 2012

G.L.A. vs. B.I.S. (Live Collab) - 2013

Best Wishes From Corpus Christi (Live Collab w/ Nightjob) - 2013

Contemporary Audio Programming For Teens And Adults - 2014

ATHEIST STOOL [Director's Cut] - 2014


Carved To Full Ego Death - 2015

SCUM IS NOT ENOUGH (Split w/ No.305) - 2015

Neglect Complex - 2015

Thought Loops - 2015



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