Botched Facelift

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Botched Facelift is a one person harsh noise project started in 2005. The project's sound can be described as brutal, chaotic, and dark. Noise sources include glitched circuits, various exotic synthesizers, stomp boxes, concrete sounds, strange voice processors, unusual instruments such as sitar, homemade instruments, tape manipulations, scratch built electronic circuits, and other nameless things. Botched Facelift has released on various labels such as Smell the Stench, Trashfuck, Love Torture, and The Pet Goat.

Early releases consisted of analogue synth noise with circuit bent shrieks and screams which morphed into later releases consisting of increasingly brutal harsh noise, eventually developing into a harsh wall type sound. More recent releases have consisted of noise chaos predominating over other sonic elements, while still maintaining harshness that is characteristic of the genre.