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Compactor is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by a worker under orders from a faceless corporation. Fragments of Industrial, Noise, Hardcore Techno, Glitch, Breakcore, and others are crushed into soundtracks to the daily grind and the landscape of waste we live and work in. Each live shift is different from the others, though some sounds may be recycled.

Audio Work Documents have been licensed to Industrial Strength Records, Out-Of-Body Records, Annihilvs Power Electronix, Worthless Recordings, Enemata Productions, and several others since 2011.


Self_Destruct_Sequence (Cass) Worthless Recordings 2012
Desensitization Reprocessing ‎(Cass) Out-Of-Body Records 2012
Obsolete (Floppy) Waste Management 2012
Fields Of Waste ‎(4xCDr) Waste Management 2013
Split [w/Raven](2×3"CDr) Cynicdose 2013 Sensory Deprivation [split w/Theologian] ‎(Cass) Annihilvs 2013
Void [split w/En Nihil] ‎(Cass) Enemata Productions 2014
Wall [collaboration w/Vomir] ‎(3"CDr) Waste Management 2014
Slowdown ‎(Cass, Box) Waste Management 2015
Dronestrike ‎(Cass) Endless Landscapes Of Decay 2016