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Congenital Haemorrhoids is a one man band from Kyoto Japan started in 1996. The band is runned by Ryosuke owner of Bloodbath Records. Congenital Haemorrhoids's music is not properly noisecore but mostly frenzy and crazy harsh noise mixed with grind madness.

This is Congenital Haemorrhoids discography:

--split tape with OPS-PSF (Y Records : 1996)
--split tape with T.S.M. (Bloodbath Records : 1996)
--split tape with SADISTIC LINGAM CULT (Bloodbath Records : 1996)
--split tape with NAPALMED (Bloodbath Records : 1996)
--split tape with HEQET (Fuck-U-Tapes : 1997)
--split tape with SNAJPER (Bloodbath Records : 1997)
--"Nippon Promo Sampler" 5 way split tape with VOLTIFOBIA, C.S.S.O., NYARLATHOTEP, and CABAL (Cho-jin Records : 1997)
--split tape with C.S.S.O. (Bloodbath Records : 1998)
--"Funk Metal" compilation tape (Boobtown Records : 1998)
--split tape with INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL (Bloodbath Records : 1998)
--"Promo Tape 1999" tape (Bloodbath Records : 1999)
--split tape with HAPPY BITCH HEAD (Bloodbath Records : 2000)
--"Youth Against Police Brutality" compilation CD (Deifer records : 2000)
--"No Speed Limit Vol.3" compilation double CD on Civilisation records : 2002)
--4 way split CD "Total Scum Noise Shit Attack" with WARSTATE, SPACEGRINDER, and DxIxE (Bloodbath Records : 2004)
--live split tape with WOUND on (Shit-Eye Cassettes : 2006)


3 way live split CD-R with REALIZED(Japan) and MAGGUT(Japan) on Donmai records(Japan)
"Riot City Japan" compilation LP on Riotous Assembly(U.S.A.)
"Hymns for the Hearing Impaired Volume II" compilation double CD on Riotous Assembly(U.S.A.)
"What is This World Coming to?" compilation CD on Happy Hamster records(South Africa)
"Internet Ultra Noise Grind Punk Compilation" compilation CD-ROM on Panx(France)
"Too Extreme for Your Smiling Faces" 4 way split tape with MOURNPHAGY(Indonesia), MALARI(Indonesia) and BLASFEMIAS(Indonesia) on THT(Indonesia)
split 7"EP with MINCH(U.S.A.) on Total Question records(Japan) + Bloodbath records(Japan)
split CD with ECHO SYSTEM(Japan) on Bloodbath records(Japan) + Brainchaos(Japan)
3 way split CD with FECULENCE(U.S.A.) and WENDY y LOS HUEVOS RANCHEROS(U.S.A.) on Miserable Stuffs recordings(U.S.A.)
CONGENITAL SEXUAL ORGAN(CxHx with C.S.S.O.)/DEMISOR(Singapore) split 7"EP on Riotous Assembly(U.S.A.)
"2001:Worldwide Extreme Mayhem" compilation triple CD with FETAL VOMIT(U.S.A.), FUCK THE FACTS(Canada), ROTTEN SOUND(Finland), LEAD (II) NITRATE(Singapore), NEKROS(Singapore), BLINDSPOT A.D.(Germany), FORCED TO DECAY(Germany), KONTROVERS(Sweden), GODSTOMPER(U.S.A.), CLUSTER BOMB UNIT(Germany), RUNTAH(Indonesia), 8 OUNCE(Philippines), VALSE TRISTE(Finland), GANGLIA(U.S.A.), FETUS EATERS(U.S.A.), SORE THROAT(U.K.), COMRADES(Italy), CATHETER(U.S.A.), D-RIVER(Japan), RAAGG(Japan), URGExx(Japan), AZRAEL(Japan), THEY LIVE(U.S.A.), TOTALITAR(Sweden), AUTORITAR(Germany), and SAIKAI SURU(U.S.A.) on Sicknoise Productions(U.S.A.)

This is the official C.H. website: [[1]]