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Premier improv noise/rock band from Newcastle, Australia. Beginning in 2004 and currently operating on a slower scale.


  • Thick Mosquito Sky (Monstera Delicioso)
  • Live at Auraltered State
  • The Doctor Is In... Over His Head
  • Share The Germs, Halve The Germs (Lesstalk Records)
  • Forever!
  • The Picky Eater
  • Impossible Monsters (Monstera Delicioso)
  • DOOM+DOOM=OMG!!! (Trapdoor Tapes)
  • Serie Una Di Collaborazione (Squeamish, Lesstalk Records)
  • ORCA (Squeamish)
  • To Have Ants... (Squeamish)
  • Todd McFarlane Crushes The Tyranny Of Corporate America (Squeamish)
  • Crocodile Box And The Johnny Mars (Squeamish)